Supraland 2 Is On Kickstarter Now, Backers Get A DLC For Supraland For Free

The sequel to the first-person Metroidvania takes the gameplay indoors, and adds new features.
Supra Games is capitalizing on the success of Supraland with a Kickstarter campaign for Supraland 2.
Supra Games is capitalizing on the success of Supraland with a Kickstarter campaign for Supraland 2. Supra Games

Supraland was one of the most pleasant surprises for me this year, as I bought the title during the Steam Summer Sale last week and ending up spending more than 10 hours on it, with more hours to come. It’s quite the unique Metroidvania experience, boasting one of the most interesting settings I’ve seen in a video game, and packaged in a gameplay experience that’s tight and on point.

Developed almost entirely by one man under the studio name of Supra Games, Supraland clashes a lot of ideas from different classics like Portal, The Legend of Zelda and Metroid and throws them into this wonder-filled setting that’s utterly deceptive – it may look like it’s made for children, but the gameplay is something a lot of adults will come around to. Its successful release since April has already led to plans for a highly-anticipated sequel, with the developer taking to Kickstarter to fund Supraland 2. Check out the announcement tweet from the Supra Games official Twitter account below.

The Kickstarter campaign itself for Supraland 2 is asking for a mere $22,575, with additional stretch goals for money raised beyond that. It’s a bit smaller than what I’ve come to expect, given that Supraland itself is quite the quality game. It’s also an “All or nothing” campaign, which means that the project will only be funded if it reaches its campaign goal on a certain date, which in this case is by July 31. As of now, four days since the start of the campaign, it has reached half of that goal, with $14,982 raised from 644 backers.

Supra Games also shared some details on what we can expect from Supraland 2 via the campaign posting on Kickstarter. For instance, the setting will move from the outside sandbox to inside the home, more specifically a kid’s bedroom. The rubber people – or 'Reeple,' for short – will encounter new tribes within this new setting. We can also expect a revamped combat system, as Supra Games will be getting a combat designer for Supraland 2.

Supporting the campaign will also yield bonuses for backers, including an upcoming DLC called Supraland: Crash, which is due out this year and is currently in development for the PC. You can check out the Kickstarter page for Supraland 2 here.

Supraland is now available to play on PC via Steam. It’s also discounted thanks to the Steam Summer Sale. The game is easily worth the full price, so check it out now if you’re interested.

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