Super Meat Boy Forever: Mobile Version Gets More Bloody with New Mode

Things are about to get even more bloody. Team Meat

A new update for the mobile version of Super Met Boy Forever is now live. The highlight is the addition of a new mode called as "Meat Grinder." The update also introduces a user-generated level showcase known as "Forever Forge."

The new "Meat Grinder" mode allows players to experience the levels in the game in new ways. It offers The Daily Grind" for example has a randomly generated level which switches out daily. All players need to do is try to get to the end as quickly as possible to beat the record and reach the top of the leaderboards.

This new mode also has "Quick Play" where players get to take on a level that's generated from all the "level chunks" in a chapter. It's a good way to sue something new.

Forever Forge

The new update also launches Forever Forge. This is a feature where the best of user- generated levels are going to be showcased. Those who want to create their own level need to wait though as level creation tools have recently been released for the PC version. Until that time though, players can look forward to the new character which was developed in-house known as "Abattoir."

Super Meat Boy Forever is set a few years after the events Super Meat Boy. Meat Boy and Bandage Girl are now living the happy life and even has a little baby named Nugget. Nugget is joy personified and means everything to Meat Boy and Bandage Girl. One day as the three were having a picnic, Dr. Fetus suddenly snuck up on them and with a shovel beat Meat Boy and Bandage Girl unconscious. Even worse, Dr. Nugget has kidnapped Nugget. Upon coming to and learning that Nugget has been kidnapped, the two knows that they won't stop until they rescue Nugget teach Dr. Fetus an important lesson.

Super Meat Boy Forever offers the ultimate challenge for gamers with the randomly generated levels giving that fresh and exciting experience with each playthrough. While the game is brutally challenging, it's also incredibly rewarding.

Super Meat Boy Forever is available on mobile platforms via Android and iOS for $0.99.

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