Super Mario Odyssey Amiibo Guide: Functions And Compatibility

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The three new Super Mario Odyssey amiibo
The three new Super Mario Odyssey amiibo NINTENDO

Amiibo have been present in Nintendo games for awhile now and Super Mario Odyssey is no exception. The Switch title will not only come with its own game-specific amiibo but it will also be compatible with past Mario-series figures.

So what do these amiibo get players? Well, for one, tapping different amiibo will unlock different costumes for Mario to wear. And while some of these new outfits will be unlocked as you progress through the game, some gamers may not be willing to wait.

Here’s a guide to all of the amiibo and how to use them in Super Mario Odyssey.


Find Uncle Amiibo to unlock amiibo.
Find Uncle Amiibo to unlock amiibo. Nintendo/Player.One

To tap and activate an amiibo, you’ll need to find Uncle Amiibo. It’s a roomba-like machine that appears near the Odyssey after clearing a Kingdom and will offer to unlock an amiibo.

You can use these amiibo to find a Power Moon that you haven’t found in the Kingdom you’re currently at and certain amiibo will even unlock special costumes. Uncle Amiibo does say to give it some time before coming back for the Power Moon location but it’s worth it.

It should be noted that if you tap an amiibo in, say, the Metro Kingdom but then speak to Uncle Amiibo again in the Sand Kingdom the amiibo will give the Power Moon location in the Sand Kingdom.


Super Mario Odyssey is compatible with the three exclusive new wedding amiibo of Mario, Bowser and Peach as well as all of the characters from the Mario-series.

Wedding Mario

Mario’s Top Hat

Mario’s Tuxedo Suit

Wedding Peach

Peach's Veil

Peach's Wedding Dress

Wedding Bowser

Bowser's Top Hat

Bowser's Tuxedo Suit

Luigi (Smash Bros or Mario series)

Luigi Cap

Luigi Suit

Wario (Smash Bros or Mario series)

Wario Cap

Wario Suit

Waluigi (Smash Bros series)

Waluigi Cap

Waluigi Suit

Diddy Kong (Smash Bros)

Diddy Kong Cap

Diddy Kong Suit

30th Anniversary Mario (Classic or Modern)

Mario in his classic costume.
Mario in his classic costume. Nintendo/Player.One

Classic Mario Cap

Classic Mario Suit

Dr. Mario (Smash Series)

Dr. Mario Cap

Dr. Mario Suit

Gold Mario (Gold amiibo)

Gold Mario Cap

Gold Mario Suit

Silver Mario (Silver amiibo)

Silver Mario Cap

Silver Mario Suit

Super Mario Odyssey
Charming, Fun And The Best Game Of 2017
The Nintendo Switch title has slick controls, amazing visuals and a charm (there’s that word again) that I haven't come across before. The story is simple but supplemented with a large cast of new characters and worlds that expand the Mario Universe in a way that, hopefully, Nintendo can expand on for years to come. It’s accessible for younger players and challenging enough for veterans.
  • Visually pleasing
  • Great Story
  • Controls are amazing and uses Switch motion controls the best
  • Great new characters and environments
  • Could be more difficult
  • Camera angles can get annoying
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