Super Animal Royale: Sea Legs Update Overhauls Melee Attack

Sea Legs Update Pixile Studios

Do you attack enemies in Super Animal Royale with a melee weapon? No? Well, that is what the developers addressed in the recently released Sea Legs update.

The Super Animal Royale dev team has completely overhauled how melee attacks work, making it feel so much better than before. The biggest change is that attacking with your melee now initiates a directional combo with three different swings. The third one, for example, is a circular strike that gains an increased hit radius. This means that you can potentially hit other nearby targets with the last hit of the combo.

Another point of frustration that was addressed by the team is the slow movement speed when attacking with a melee weapon. Now, each swing will actually give you a slight speed boost, which is quite helpful when chasing down enemies. The boost in speed might not be as fast as Super Jump Rolling, but at least you'll be moving noticeably faster than the regular walking rate.

The above-mentioned tweaks make attacking enemies with a melee weapon viable, especially if you run out of ammo.

The melee overhaul is not the only change in the Sea Legs update. Here are the other gameplay tweaks worth mentioning:

  • The most important change: you can now pet other player's Mini Animals in the lobby!
  • The gas radius of damaged Skunk Mushrooms has been increased from 15 to 20, and the number of total damage ticks has been increased from 13 to 14.
  • Minigun windup time is now 0.48s, down from 0.72s. This change aims to help the weapon become better equipped for a variety of situations and worth its legendary status.
  • The Super Juicer now increases your Health Juice maximum to 300, gives double the previous amount from juicing, and if you are at maximum juice it will produce lootable juice cans. Its style has also been updated.
  • Eggs from the BCG now properly check the height of downed players when calculating mid-air collisions.
  • Reworked object interaction so that the nearest interactable object will always take precedence. This prevents issues with zip-line boarding while loot is around, and fixes various other long-standing issues such as boarding Giant Emus inside loot piles.
  • In SvR mode, points are now only deducted for respawning if you died to another player.
  • Adjusted pet movement on conveyors so it can push them while idling.
  • If you eat a Speed Mushroom while already under its effects, the boost's duration now stacks.
  • Dart guns by default will now heal Giant Emus, since they are non-hostile creatures. However, they will still damage the emu if a rider is non-friendly.
  • Many improvements have been made behind the scenes regarding textures, sounds, characters, and code to reduce the total memory usage of SAR.
  • Players can now use the emote wheel in the main menu.
  • The Laugh emote's animation and sound has been adjusted to fit the tone of the game better and be used more generally.
  • The Customize screen now uses a recycling scroll rect so that players with large inventories will not have lag when changing tabs.
  • On the Challenges screen, you can click on the faded daily/weekly side to change tabs.
  • On PC, the Photo Booth can now save images and GIFs with transparency. This option is provided while on the green screen background.

So, what can you say about the recent melee attack overhaul in Super Animal Royale: Sea Legs update?

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