Sunday Rivals Update v.14.0 Customizations, Bug Fixes, and More

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26K, the developer of Sunday Rivals, released a new update that brings the custom teams feature. This update now lets you fully customize the game to your desire. It includes options like changing the stadium, grass colors, individual player ratings, and even full-body equipment.

There will be new custom leagues along with the default leagues. The leagues can contain up to 8, 16, 24, or 32 teams. Also, the developer fixed a major bug where roster data loaded up incorrectly for first time players, which caused the game not to launch properly.

Sunday Rivals Update v.14.0

League Customization

  • Added 4 custom league slots along with the default league. Default league cannot be edited.
  • Added variable league sizes.
  • Added league realignment options.
  • Added support and non-functioning information options for future updates.

Team Customization

  • Added team information and UI color options.
  • Added uniform designer.
  • Added stadium and field designer.
  • Added support and non-functioning options for future updates (weather, playbooks, coaching).

Player Customization

  • Added big player model.
  • Added variable player sizing.
  • Added new helmets, facemasks, and visors.
  • Added uniform color options for neck and bottom of cleats.
  • Added skin, hair, facial hair, and eye color options.
  • Added gloves, arms, and socks options.


  • Each league will now have its own HeadHunter and records, existing tourneys remain.
  • Changed scheduling to support variable league size and prioritize OVR range amongst teams.
  • Updated scoring to track 1 point per defensive tackle, decreased value of sacks by 1 point.
  • Reworked helmet positioning after defeating a team.


  • Reworked settings page to save on-demand rather than per switch.
  • Resolution options now include refresh rate.
  • Separated out controller speed into 2 options to allow for better high DPI mouse support in the UI.


  • Redesigned frontend backgrounds and screen layout.
  • Added profile data and first time loading screen.


  • Removed ability to hold down snap during QB cadence to immediately snap the ball.
  • Delayed kicking meter display time until shutters are completely open.
  • Player collision radius scales with their body size.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a critical bug for first-time players that caused roster data to improperly load, blocking the game from starting.
  • Fixed a bug where the UI shutters would not completely clear the screen during a kicking play.
  • Fixed incidents where long player names extended offscreen during highlight segments.
  • Potential fix for unresponsive input collection during kicking plays.

You can read more about the update here.

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