Suda51’s The 25th Ward: The Silver Case Trailer Arrives Ahead Of March Release

The game's unique art style is a boon for its popularity.
The game's unique art style is a boon for its popularity. NIS America

Suda51's The 25th Ward: The Silver Case is actually a sequel to the studio’s 1999 title, simply titled The Silver Case. The latest release is a stylish remake of its original debut, and it's coming to both PlayStation 4 and PC in 2018. NIS America confirmed during its special live stream press event that it would see a release this March, and also dropped another trailer while they were at it.

The game takes place five years after the events seen in the original The Silver Case . The new "25th Ward" has been erected in Kanto, Japan, and a woman has been found murdered at an apartment complex. Her murder is the beginning of a chain of strange events that link several different characters together, including the main character from The Silver Case , Tokio Morishima. That's where you come in, as you try to figure out just what's going on with all the strange occurrences. It’s not that far off from the game that inspired this one, so if you played that one, then you won’t feel too lost.

The original The Silver Case was an adventure visual novel released on PlayStation, with eventual PC and Mac ports before resurfacing on PlayStation 4 in 2017 via NIS America. There's a similar storyline in place, where in the year 1999, a city called the "24 Wards" exists. There's another string of murders taking place there, and all the killings seem to mirror the work of a serial killer named Kamui Uehara.

This newly remade game takes everything you love about Suda51's trippiest games and combines them into one super-stylish package. If this is your first brush with the developer, then you’re in for a real treat. Games like Killer7 , No More Heroes , Lollipop Chainsaw , and Killer is Dead are all part of his oeuvre, and they’re all unique in their own different ways.

The 25th Ward: The Silver Case will launch with both physical and digital editions in North America on PlayStation 4, and globally for PC on Steam on Mar. 13.

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