Subway Surfers Launched New AR Feature with Subway Studios

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Subway Surfers is an endless runner mobile first released in 2012 and has since become one of the most downloaded mobile games. Long time fans have something to celebrate with the launch of its first-ever in-game augmented reality feature called Subway Studios. It's a way of empowering the players' imagination by giving them the tools to make the game universe a part of their daily lives.

New Feature

This new feature comes as part of the Fantasy Fest update. While Fantasy Fest only runs until July 16, the new feature is going to continue and grow with the game. For this new feature, players can choose to interact with any of the 40 existing characters in the game. They first need to select their favorite character and place them wherever they'd like in their real-world environment, then capture photos or videos and share.

Community Creating Content

In a statement, SYBO CEO Gredal Nørvig shared that this new feature puts the power of creativity and virality in the hands of the players. He added that by using this new feature, players can create content using their favorite Subway Surfers character right in their homes and workplaces. He went on to say that the studio saw just how much the community loved coming up with their own content and they knew that they had to provide an outlet for that within the game.

Meanwhile, SYBO Technical Director Murari Vasudevan revealed that they're proud of their team for developing such an advanced feature that offers a lot of creative possibilities. He said that they've been looking for new ways that could engage players with the game and this new feature does just that.

New Filter

With the game's growing community of TikTok followers, SYBO also launched a Subway Studio-themed TikTok filter which lets players create viral content. This limited-edition filter is now available.

Subway Surfers is available on iOS and Android. The game has been downloaded at least 4 billion times and was the most downloaded game of 2022. In addition to Subway Surfers, titles from SYBO include Subway Surfers Blast, Subway Surfers Tag, Subway Surfers Match, and Blades of Brim.

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