Subnautica: Below Zero Gets Its First Major Update

The star of the show is the new Seatruck, a fully-modular underwater vehicle.
The star of the show is the new Seatruck, a fully-modular underwater vehicle. Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Unknown Worlds Entertainment, the developer behind Subnautica and its expansion Below Zero, is proud to roll out its first major content release for the title. Apart from the obligatory performance enhancements, bug fixes, and gameplay improvements, the Seatruck update adds plenty of new biomes to explore, new creatures to love and fear, and - you guessed it - a Seatruck.

The Seatruck is definitely the highlight of this major update. The Seatruck is a fully-modular underwater vehicle that players can take with them to the depths. The best thing about the Seatruck is that it’s completely customizable - that means that apart from making sure it has an engine and some oxygen, it gives players endless customization options. Seatrucks can be outfitted and re-outfitted over and over again with different parts and modules, allowing it to adapt to a variety of situations and specializations. But don’t let the possibilities overwhelm you - the Seatruck is designed to be easy to use and offers no more engineering speciality than playing with high-powered Lego.

The Seatruck launches with four modular wagons, each with their own specific use and capabilities. The first module, and the only one that’s actually mandatory to building a Seatruck - is the Cabin. The Cabin provides the propulsion and life support provisions of the Seatruck, so it should be the first module on your list. The other three are the Storage, Aquarium, and Fabricator modules, which players can build and attach to their Seatrucks freely.

Besides the potentially game-changing modular addition to the game’s extensive list of vehicles, the update also adds a few new friendly critters, and some not-so-friendly ones, too. There’s also two new biomes to explore, the Thermal Spires, and the Deep Twisty Bridges. This second location is where the game’s newest predator, the Squidshark, dwells and hunts.

Subnautica: Below Zero may still be in Early Access on Steam, but with a big content release like this, it’s definitely looks like things are going great for Unknown Worlds. For the full patch notes and the nitty-gritty details about everything else in the update, read about it here.

What are your thoughts on Subnautica: Below Zero’s new Seatruck update? Will you be exploring the depths in the luxurious comfort of the new modular utility vehicle? Or will you be braving the depths, trying to catch a just a glimpse of the Squidshark before it gets a glimpse of you? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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