Study Shows Gamers Know About NFTs But Don’t Like Them

Answering the questions on web3 gaming.
Answering the questions on web3 gaming. Coda Labs

A lot of new games nowadays, especially on mobile platforms, are incorporating blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency. This is pretty much what web3 gaming is all about, and there've been a lot of questions surrounding this topic.

Coda Labs, a team composed of mobile game creators, conducted The Global Web3 Gamer Study and now published the results. One of the key findings is that gamers are generally aware of NFTs and cryptocurrency, but they don’t really like them. Fifty-one percent of gamers have heard of NFTs but rated them negatively at 4.3/10. It’s not surprising then to know that NFT ownership stands at 3%.

Play to Earn Concerns

When it comes to web3 games, the most familiar term is play to earn, and the main reason why people play these games is the chance to earn crypto. Figures show that 60% of crypto gamers see this as their main motivation. However, for gamers it’s only 37%.

While there’s no question that regular gamers have lukewarm feelings when it comes to NFTs and crypto, those who played web3 games actually have a positive rating about them scoring at 7/10.

It’s worth noting that the same study also showed that crypto gamers, meaning the one who game and use crypto on a regular basis, are seen as hardcore players. Compared to regular gamers, crypto gamers play more competitively and on more platforms. More importantly, they are 62% more likely to spend money in-game.

In a statement, Coda Labs CEO Şekip Can Gökalp shared that they’ve wanted to learn where the dislike of gamers when it comes to crypto and NFTs can be seen as a universal truth. He said that the study did show that a lot of gamers can’t see benefits when it comes to web3 gaming. However, he also added that the study also revealed that when regular gamers give web3 games a try, the response has been more positive.

Meanwhile, Blockchain Game Alliance President Sebastien Borhe said that the blockchain gaming industry remains a developing industry and needs more guidance not just from developers but also gamers.

What about you? What are your thoughts on web3 gaming? You can learn more about The Global Web3 Gamer Study here.

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