‘Street Fighter V’ Update: Juri Coming By End Of July

Juri in 'Street Fighter V' Capcom

The next DLC character for Street Fighter V is Juri. Her release date was revealed in an announcement at EVO 2016.

Street Fighter V producer, Yoshinori Ono confirmed during a panel at EVO that Juri will be made available to play by the end of July. Unfortunately, a specific release date was not provided.

The upcoming Street Fighter V update comes on the heels of the massive story mode update that finally gave players the chance to play through the campaign mode. Balrog was also added along with the oft-delayed Ibuki during this giant update.

SFV ’s story mode did give players the chance to play as some of the DLC characters without having to pay using the in-game currency and Juri is no exception. According to Siliconera, to unlock Juri outside of the story mode, you’ll need to pay 100,000 fight money (or $5.99).

Street Fighter V is set up so that players don’t have to pay real money to get in-game currency. By completing missions, the story mode and playing online, players can earn fight money to unlock costumes, stages and much more.

Once an update on the official release date of Juri for Street Fighter V is released, we will update.

In the meantime, what do you think of the Juri release date window? Are you excited to play as her? Sound off in the comments section below.

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