'Street Fighter V' Adds New Character Kage, Based On Evil Ryu

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'Street Fighter' series Executive Producer, Yoshinori Ono (L) signs autographs during the Annual Gaming Industry Conference E3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center on June 16, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Nearly three years after its original release, Capcom continues to support “Street Fighter V” with new characters for players to master and use in high-level competition. Capcom announced the newest addition to the roster, Kage, over the weekend at the Capcom Cup event.

Kage is essentially a reinvention of Evil Ryu, a dark version of the most iconic “Street Fighter” character who previously appeared in games like “Street Fighter Alpha 2.” In those other games, Ryu succumbed to darkness and became evil himself; in “Street Fighter V,” Ryu overcame the darkness, which created Kage, an entirely separate character who is a physical manifestation of Ryu’s former corruption.

“Kage lives to prove Ryu is nothing without him and seeks to challenge Akuma and Sagat, two of Ryu’s most notorious rivals,” the official Capcom announcement said.

Since he is based on Ryu, Kage’s moveset at least resembles the famous fighter, though his moves all work a little bit differently. He can perform modified versions of Ryu’s fireball and uppercut moves.

Kage is now available for $5.99 in real money or 100,000 in-game Fight Money.


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