Streamer Banned From Twitch For Accidentally Firing Hand Gun

Carl Riemer Suspended From Twitch
Carl Riemer Suspended From Twitch The Loadout

Mixing alcohol and guns is never a great idea. It just so happened that a popular Call of Duty streamer Carl Riemer learned this the hard way by accidentally firing a loaded handgun while streaming. This action cost him his position in the SoaR clan, and he also was suspended from Twitch.

The unfortunate incident took place on Riemer's now-disabled Twitch Channel on March 4. In the stream, Riemer was clearly under the influence of alcohol as he was seen playfully challenging his audience by pulling out a real handgun. Riemer cocked the handgun and accidentally misfired while the handgun was still loaded. Even though nothing horrifying ended up happening, Riemer was clearly terrified by his act and he quickly put down the firearm.

Soon after the incident, Twitch banned Riemer's channel and SoaR officially terminated Riemer's position in the organization.

Reimer did not present any opposition to SoaR's decision and eventually went to YouTube to express his apology. "I want to thank SoaR for doing what they needed to do... I really appreciate the SoaR boys and everything they’ve done for me," Riemer stated in the video. "I hope you guys know there’s no hatred towards them or anything like that. I have nothing but love for those people, and they did what they needed to do… I could have possibly ruined my life."

Of course, the incident could have turned out to be much worse than what actually happened. In the stream, Riemer's pets were also playing around and fortunately, none of them were harmed. Nevertheless, rules are rules and Twitch had to take this important decision for the welfare of the community.

The way Riemer responded to the suspension and ban from his team was very respectable. He thanked both Twitch and SoaR for their decisions and apologized for his mistake, asking everyone not to do what he has done.

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