Stranger Things Star Finn Wolfhard Joins PlayStation Playmakers Program

For the love of PlayStation. PlayStation

Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard is adding another feather to his cap. He is on his way to becoming a "gaming influencer," courtesy of PlayStation Playmakers.

In an interview, Finn revealed that he first heard about this program through his agents and when he learned that it had something to do with PlayStation, he knew he wanted to be part of it. Not only because he's a huge fan of the gaming console but it's the only system that he's played with.

In that same interview, Finn shared that his first PS console was the PS2 and that he would play Final Fantasy X together with his uncle and older brother. Other games that he later played include Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter.

As part of the program, Finn said that he'll be playing video games and releasing little clips of him playing those titles. While he's not really sure about the "influencer" label, he said that he's basically doing this because he likes playing video games and the console.

PlayStation Playmakers is an ongoing program by Sony Interactive Entertainment where they partner with some of the world's most exciting creators, gamers, entertainers, artists, athletes, and of course, actors. Dubbed as the Playmakers, they're going to celebrate their passion in gaming and PlayStation. These Playmakers are set to offer early looks along with behind-the-scenes access to give fans that unique experience.

Back in February, NBA icon LeBron James, NFL stars Ja'Marr Chase and CeeDee Lamb, WNBA All-Rookie NaLyssa Smith, Belgian football star Romelu Lukaku, French football freestyler Lisa Zimouche, and professional BMX athlete Nigel Sylvester have joined the program.

To make these different partnerships happen, Sony Interactive Senior Vice President and Head of Global Marketing Eric Lempel said that their approach was to focus on partnering with genuine fans of PlayStation. Lempel added that these fans are those who wanted to share their passion with friends, fellow gamers, and the community.

More individuals are set to be part of the program. What about you? Who do you want to see next?

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