The Story Of Jessica Jones And Her Only Pair Of Jeans

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Google Jessica Jones or watch the show on Netflix. She only wears one pair of jeans. This fact did not get past a fan at Book Con in New York, who decided to confront Krysten Ritter about her character’s fashion no-no.

“She actually has a few pairs,” Ritter responded while cracking up,  “One is a little tighter than the other.”


However, Ritter didn’t stop there. She’s got a really good reason for why Jessica only rocks one pair of bootcut, light-blue wash jeans.

“She doesn’t give a shit. She doesn’t give a shit about her jeans,” Ritter exclaimed, passionately, before giving a very detailed explanation of the thought process behind JJs fashion choices and personal style.  

“Here’s the thing with Jessica, in building her look it was very important to me her body was hidden, that she wasn't wearing something that would attract any kind of attention from a man or a woman,” she said.

These jeans are filthy, but Jessica gets a pass because she's kind of a big deal. Photo: Netflix

The goal was for no girl to come up and say, “I love your dress” and no dude to come up and say, “Hey hot body.”

“She disappears,” Ritter said. “She wants to be hidden, and so that's what the jacket is … it’s too big for me. The pants do nothing. The boots are flat and practical. The t-shirts do nothing for me. I’m in boxy clothes. I can sit on the floor indian style and I'm usually filthy.”

While Jessica’s effortless, wake up and go, morning breath style attracted the likes of Luke Cage, her outfit is the last thing on her mind.

Jessica's dirty jeans didn't bother Luke Cage. Photo: Netflix

“I didn't ever want her to change her clothes, just like real life your jeans live on the ground you put them back on. Also she has a self inflicted uniform because that takes out 15 minutes of her day thinking about what she’s going to wear,” she said.

Ritter added that Jessica’s look was very important to her and she was 100 percent involved, even with hair and makeup.  “That's half of feeling the character. Hair, makeup wardrobe...I have a vision how how the character should look and feel,” she told the fans at Book Con.

Let's hope Jessica tossed this pair of bloody jeans in the garbage. Photo: Netflix

The downside, though, is that Jessica’s style is similar to how Ritter dresses in real life … minus the knitted sweaters.  

“When I was coming here, I literally took of my leather jacket. I was like, ‘I can't.’”

Considering Ritter’s statements, the chances of  seeing JJ in the blue and white comic book costume Trish Walker tried to get her to wear during Season 1 are very low.  In the scene, Trish says, “You can’t keep saving people dressed as a giant hoagie.”

Well, actually yes, that’s exactly what she’s going to do.

"Tell me you're kidding," Jessica Jones says when Trish suggests a costume and a new name. "Jewel is a stripper name, a really slutty one." Photo: Netflix
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