'Steven Universe' Soundtrack Volume 1 Track List And Review: Blast And Loop, Baby

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Steven Universe soundtrack album cover. (c) Cartoon Network

The much-ballyhooed Steven Universe soundtrack is a delightful return to the whimsical, playful, emotionally affecting world of Steven Universe. Don’t worry about your favorites: they’re all on the Steven Universe Soundtrack, Vol. 1 (and what an enticing name - volume 1 of how many?). Check out the complete track list below:

  1. We Are The Crystal Gems

  2. Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart

  3. Cookie Cat

  4. Giant Woman

  5. Strong in the Real Way

  6. Steven and the Stevens

  7. Big Fat Zucchini

  8. Steven and the Crystal Gems

  9. Dear Old Dad

  10. Be Wherever You Are

  11. On The Run

  12. Comet

  13. Destiny

  14. Lapis Lazuli

  15. Wailing Stone

  16. Stronger Than You

  17. Full Disclosure

  18. We Are The Crystal Gems (Full Theme Song)

  19. Jam Song

  20. Do It For Her

  21. What Can I Do (For You)

  22. Tower of Mistakes

  23. Haven’t You Noticed (I’m A Star)

  24. Something Entirely New

  25. Peace and Love on the Planet Earth

  26. Don’t Cost Nothing

  27. Empire City

  28. Mr. Greg

  29. It’s Over Isn’t It

  30. Both Of You

  31. Don’t Cost Nothing (Reprise)

  32. I Think I Need a Little (Change)

  33. Here Comes a Thought

  34. Still Not Giving Up

  35. I Could Never Be (Ready)

  36. What’s The Use Of Feelin (Blue)?

  37. Love Like You (End Credits)

As you can see, all the major players are out in force: “Here Comes a Thought,” “What’s The Use Of Feelin (Blue),” “Stronger Than You” and “It’s Over, Isn’t It” are all featured. The soundtrack also doesn’t stint its goofier tunes like “Steven and the Stevens,” “Big Fat Zucchini” and “Cookie Cat,” which means the soundtrack stays true to the show’s big, whimsical heart.

All tracks are cleaned of any episode sounds or dialogue and are fresh, clear and crisp as a result. Several of the songs are extended, including the end credits, sung by Rebecca Sugar herself. “We Are The Crystal Gems,” the show’s iconic opening theme, is in fact featured twice, first in its opening credits form and second as an extended piece of its own.

Odds are good that if you’ve ever loved a song with words on Steven Universe and looped it over and over again (Pearl fans and high school musical theatre auditioners, I know your little “It’s Over Isn’t It” secret), you’ll appreciate these vibrant tracks even more now that you don’t have to stalk YouTube for the least muddy variant.

The only thing missing from the Steven Universe soundtrack Volume 1 is all of Aivi and Surasshu's background music work, which can be sampled here on their Soundcloud. But since this is only Volume 1, I hope for more volumes that feature the rich musical themes of different characters, places and moods. Steven Universe’s music has a combination of easy listening and boppy sci-fi touches that make it really pleasant to listen to, and I could easily picture writing or studying to a compilation of its background music.

Mind you, Vol. 1 has the same addictive listening quality, though more random tracks like “Big Fat Zucchini” might kinda throw you out of your groove. Still, a lot of cute, short little ditties like “Jam Song” and “Empire City” are represented that might not have had a place on other soundtracks alongside tracks like “Strong In The Real Way” and “Love Like You.” The Steven Universe soundtrack Vol. 1 will be an indispensable item for any Steven Universe fan, especially ones who find the eminently singable tunes looping in their head for days. Blast those tracks and sing along!

The Steven Universe soundtrack Volume 1 is available for preorder starting May 18. You can purchase the soundtrack digitally and on major streaming platforms on June 2. Pumped? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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