Steven Universe: Save The Light Boss Guide

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  • Xbox One
  • Real Time Strategy
Squaridot is coming fot you. Cartoon Network

Steven Universe: Save The Light sees players collecting light shards and protecting the world. But we’ve been seriously struggling with the game’s boss fights, which require insane accuracy to defeat. If you’re a fan of RPGs (but not mindless button prompts), this game could be a hassle to get through.

Player.One has developed some strategies for the first two bosses of the game. We will update with more posts as the journey continues.

There are obviously spoilers ahead.

Green Guy- Killing Dave (or whatever you call the giant green light monster) is easy, but does take a lot of patience. My perfect team was Garnett, Connie and Greg, though Amethyst isn’t bad for her AOE whip clear. You have to clear the little minions carrying wood into the mouth saw, or else it’ll get a powerup and deal massive damage to your party. You can clear one of them with a perfect sword slash from Connie and a Steven shield slam, though that does deplete your star meter very easily. Don’t be afraid to use your Star Fruits and other items for this fight; you’ll find plenty of others as you move through the game. You won’t be beating this thing in a couple of minutes, so just bide your time, slashing it with Connie’s sword or Garnett’s fists whenever you have enough stars. Towards the end of the fight, clearing the little buggers isn’t as important as just stabbing away at the boss.

Squaridot- Peridot’s home world counterpart might be one of the hardest boss fights I’ve ever played (until I figured out the secret), mainly because I have old man reflexes. In order to beat her, you have to have pinpoint precision, with even a momentary lapse of judgement causing your entire squad to fall to pieces. After countless tries, two Red Bulls and a prayer, I finally managed to take her down with Pearl, Connie and Garnett.

This techie fights in a giant green ship, which floats above the ground, making any normal attack useless. If you want to use normal abilities, you are going to have to beat a minigame where you bounce her projectile back and forth. I have a lower than 50 percent success rate, even after playing through the fight a couple of times. By the last time she shoots her fireballs at random teammates, I’m pretty much dead. Pearl and Garnet must be part of your team team. Unless you can repel every single snowball ball and projectile headed your way, you are going to want to attack from a distance. Use Garnet’s shield Breaker first and you’ll deal double damage, making the boss fight go much smoother

Squaridot’s second attack, a wind-up cyclone that sucks you into a cold abyss, will kill many Crystal Gems. If you can, you want to aim for a perfect every time, since it will build up your star meter and keep you from getting knocked towards your watery grave. Blocking these attacks is beyond important, since having a Frozen ally decreases your star generation by a pretty significant margin.

If you can dodge every attack, shoot her in the air with Pearl’s Fireballs and beat her to pieces while she’s on the ground, then this fight should be a piece of cake. May your four-year-old who just wanted to play with Steven be a better problem solver than I was.  Also, don’t forget to pick up the two treasure chests floating on the platforms nearby. 

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