‘Stellaris’ Release Date: Paradox’s Most Ambitious Game Ever Launches Now

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Stellaris, out in May, is a new grand strategy game set in space. Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive has had a quick rise to fame in the last few years. The company has a long history of producing somewhat niche strategy games for the very serious gamer. But ever since the launch of the crazy fun Crusader Kings 2, Paradox now has a much more high-profile role, both as the developer of insanely interesting strategy games and as the publisher of hit titles like Cities: Skylines and Pillars of Eternity. The company’s most ambitious game, Stellaris, is coming out on May 9.

Stellaris Release Date: Epic Space Opera In Strategy Form

Stellaris looks like it could be the space strategy game that we’ve wanted for years. It falls firmly into the 4X genre, but with that special Paradox touch. By that, I mean the game is expected to have great depth to it, with many mechanical levers to pull. Based on what the previews have said so far [full disclosure: We’ve received a review copy from Paradox, but this reporter has a very old computer], the game has the signature Paradox complexity, but with a high level of accessibility. And unlike most of the company’s games, Stellaris isn’t based in real history (obviously). Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings both aim to feel vaguely realistic, to emulate history in broad strokes except to the degree that the player disrupts matters.

Stellaris isn’t like that. It’s a full-on space sandbox where anything can happen. Early reports suggest that the game achieves a balance that most other space strategy games have failed to reach. It has depth, a sense of both whimsy and seriousness, and an awareness of the sheer scope of future history. And it’s got pretty good graphics, which is rare for strategy games in general and Paradox games in particular.

The game doesn’t officially come out until tomorrow, and reviews will be out then, but Stellaris looks like the most promising Paradox game in some time—and possibly the most generally accessible. It’s an exciting moment for crazy space strategy.

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