Ancient Relics Story Pack Finally Coming to Stellaris: Console Edition

A new pack is coming to consoles.
A new pack is coming to consoles. Paradox Interactive

Good news for Stellaris: Console Edition players! The Ancient Relics Story Pack is officially coming to this version on September 30.

There are two ways to get this new pack. The first is to buy it for $9.99. There is also the fourth expansion pass, available for $24.99. It may be a bit pricey but not only does it have the Ancient Relics Story Pack but also the Federations and Necroids Species packs.

Watch the trailer below:

This new pack offers:

  • Said Ancient Relics
    • Collect valuable relics.
    • They are handed out as rewards for overcoming major crises or finishing a dig at an archaeological site and solving the chapters.
    • Each of the relics gives significant benefits that can help the player’s empire.
  • Those Who Came Before
    • Gather clues to know more about the two extinct Precursor civilizations:
      • Baol: A sprawling hivemind of planetoids
      • Zroni: Some of the most powerful psionics to have ever lived
      • Players have the chance to investigate the respective home system to learn who they were and what lesson can be learned from their demise.
  • Relic Worlds
    • There are Relic Worlds which were once teeming with life and now lie dead, replete with desolate ruins and dormant mysteries.
    • Players get to excavate archeological sites on these worlds to learn more about the remnants and discover powerful relics and artifacts.
  • Dig In
    • There are a lot of new alien worlds with archeology sites.
    • Choose between studying them or outright plunder everything dug up.
    • Each site has a story between one and six chapters.
    • Retrace the history to discover artifacts and relics which can help your empire.
  • ​Matter of Artifacts
    • Learning from history to know more about where you stand in the galaxy.
    • Make use of archaeological research, discover Minor Artifacts, a new resource type that can help empower the empire.

Stellaris is set in space and in the distant future. Players take on the role of a government of a certain species, one that’s in the early stages of interstellar space exploration. The game was released on PC in 2016. It was ported to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as Stellaris: Console Edition in 2019. Version for the Xbox Series X/S was released in March 2021.

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