Stellaris: Console Edition Launches Apocalypse Expansion And Humanoids Species Pack

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Good news for console players.
Good news for console players. Paradox Interactive

Stellaris: Console Edition has released the Apocalypse Expansion and Humanoids Species Pack. With this, the second expansion pass of the game for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is now complete. Expansion Pass Two actually comes with three DLCs, the first of which was the Synthetic Dawn Story Pack that released earlier this year. All of the three DLC packs were actually previously released for the PC version of Stellaris.

The Expansion Pass Two is available for $24.99.

The Apocalypse Expansion redefines the stellar warfare of the game by offering new offensive and defensive choices. These include new planet-killer weapons that can destroy entire worlds. Then there is also the option to fight with or against space pirates. Of course, there are also some non-violent features.

The Synthetic Dawn Story Pack meanwhile gives players a new way to set-up their empire. One of these is to start the game as the Machine Empire, a society that’s composed entirely of robots. The unique game features combined with event chains allow machines to expand as a robotic consciousness and eventually become an AI-led network that dominates the galaxy.

As mentioned, the first DLC was the Humanoids Species Pack. In this one, players get to choose new player and ship portraits as they start on their journey to the stars as members of the human race.

Stellaris: Console Edition was developed for consoles and comes with the same strategic gameplay as the original Stellaris game. The gameplay mainly focuses on space exploration, managing an empire, diplomacy, and space warfare. The game was released for the PC back in 2016 with the console versions being released in 2019.

The latest expansion for Stellaris was actually Federation, which released in March of this year. The expansion added five new federation types while offering additional resolutions for the Galactic Community. There were also new Origins for player empires as well as new mega-structures, and even a new ship class.

Stellaris has received some favorable reviews with many citing the approachable interface design plus the immersive and almost-RPG like early game feel. Critics, however, also noted that the overall experience could be less satisfying for some considering the rather simple diplomatic system and the AI, which many said seemed too passive.

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