Stationeers Update I: New Addition and Fixes

Stationeers Update I
Stationeers Update I Steam

Stationeers received a major update focused on a new addition and a preview of the upcoming changes to trading. The developers also fixed several in-game issues.

New Landing Pads

The latest update features a new modular landing pad system that replaced the previous landing pad structure. Players need to build a Landing Pad Center surrounded by landing pad pieces to set up a new landing pad. Also, it should be at least 3x3 with a Data and Power module.

New Communications Game Loop

New Communications Game Loop revisits how traders are tracked down. The searching and contacting of signals will be separated with the introduction of new tiers of satellite dishes having variable power ranges. The hardest contacts may require tracking or immense power expenditure for quick communication.

Stationeers Update I

Change Log v0.2.3719.18087
  • Fixed stationepdia inputfield trying to auto select when stationpedia is not visible.
  • Fixed LandingPad network reference not being set on clients for pad pieces.
  • Fixed several places where Motherboards were not using the ITraderDestination interface.
  • Fixed Trader Landing Animation doesn't play on clients.
  • Fixed landing pad straight and center piece destroyed states spawn in incorrect position.
  • Fixed Error when trying to complete trade on old landing pad.
  • Fixed new landing pad pieces being able to be built inside of frames.
  • Added Trader can only land on a landing pad where all tiles are completely built.
  • Added Descriptions of landing pad pieces to English.xml.
  • Updated (Kit) landing pad recipe cost.
  • Decreased Potato growth time by 2x, to be two days, and gave it a small darkness desire, to increase the skill floor of the easiest to grow crop.
  • Fixed Smart rotate on landing pad pieces.
  • Disabled main panel on IC panel in editor.
  • Fixed Shuttle thrusters stay on after landing.
  • Improved Shuttle landing pad clear sky detection.
  • Fixed If Pad is obstructed trader console returns correct message.
  • Added play button and icon.
  • Added more accurate error messages for trading terminal for when a trader cannot land because of an incorrectly configured landing pad.
  • Made the difficulty selection default to normal instead of easy.
  • Fixed shuttle landing orientation.
  • Deprecated Old trader landing pad.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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