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Stationeers -The Trading Update III
Stationeers -The Trading Update III Steam

Stationeers received a major update that introduced two new satellite dish sizes and reworked the system for contacting traders. In addition to that, the developer has fixed several in-game issues.

Satellite Dishes

In the latest update, the developer introduced two new satellite dish sizes: small and large. Including the previously existing dish, now the medium size, all of them work similarly but the greater the size, the more power is consumed. The increase in power makes contacting traders more effective.

Trading Contact System


The developers are moving toward a new approach in which the availability of traders is dictated by rules. With the transition, the old traders are now split into three tiers of contact, all with increasing difficulty level to contact. Prepare for a lot of patience if you want to find more traders.


Players can press the interrogate button after resolving the contact’s position. While it is similar to resolving, it provides an additional perk by informing players of current calculations. But interrogation has a time requirement, so players should use high wattages to finish quickly before the trader moves on.

Stationeers: The Trading Update III

Change Log v0.2.3759.18228
  • Fixed bug where bodies pulled out of slots don't go to the correct exit position and can sometimes clip into the slots parent object.
  • Fixed ragdolls curling up into a ball after you pull them out of a slot.
  • Added: To communicate with the traders, satellite dishes must now "interrogate" contacts with energy from the dish for a fixed amount of time.
  • Removed Paint and microwares traders from new trader generation rolls.
  • Added: Locks around all usages of DishScannedContacts as this collection is accessed from multiple threads.
  • Station Contact UI change first pass.
  • Updated Comms Motherboard UI.
  • Fixed Landing button being active while contact has not been made.
  • Fixed build error caused by editor code.
  • Fixed missing tier icons.
  • Fixed small satellite returning the medium satellite kit on deconstruct.
  • Added and updated recipes for satellite dishes.
  • Updated starting conditions for Vulcan and Venus to include requirements for trading.
  • Added the current dish name to the contact pop up.
  • Removed "trader requesting to land" prior to being able to call the trader to land.
  • Fixed resolving not correctly using the wattage if changed after dish rotation finished.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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