Stationeers January 13 Update: Multiplayer Refactor and Bug Fixes

Stationeers January 13 Update
Stationeers January 13 Update Steam

Stationeers received a new update and it’s spearheaded by the release of a multiplayer refactor and the fix for the game-hanging issue.


The latest update features the release of a multiplayer refactor, which resolved several issues and optimized the code. The developer completely removed DRM along with any requirement for the game to run on Steam. However, this opened a new set of technical problems, translated as connectivity issues for some players. The dev team is working hard to resolve these issues quickly.

Game Hanging While Loading

Previously, players faced an issue while waiting for the game to load. The game would hang for an indefinite amount of time upon reaching 90% completion. According to the patch notes, the January 13 update included a fix for this issue.

Stationeers January 13 Update

Changelog v0.2.3773.18265
  • Fixed typo in tutorial mission.
  • Fixed plant stabilizer arrows being emissive when the appliance is off.
  • Added custom project view editor tool for better project searching.
  • Fixed new trader contacts not displaying after leaving and loading a game.
  • Fixed stationpedia only returning one result when paused.
  • Fixed Atmospherics Devices go into an error state when adding pipes to one of their input or output networks.
  • Fixed Heat exchangers stop working when an attached pipe network is modified.
  • Fixed Plant Analyser not being able to scan Hydroponics Device.
  • Fixed missing mushroom spore bag thumbnail.
  • Fixed satellite power dial not showing correct tooltip text.
  • Fixed Trader landing animation plays when loading a game with a trader already landed.
  • Changed trader depart check to use grid system check instead of physics call.
  • Fixed Trader shuttle not being lit by player headlight.
  • Fixed saves failing to load because of null blocking grids array.
  • Fixed incorrect message when trading with no available credit card.
  • Trader code clean up.
  • Changed Trader landing check from physics check to path trace.
  • Fixed role sometimes being none when hosting.
  • Removed an external web request.
  • Reverted StartServer from being async.
  • Fixed Able to interact with logic chips behind closed roll cover.
  • Fixed name missing on medium and large hangar door. Removed unused hangar door kit.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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