State of Survival Welcomes the Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker

Laughter is the best medicine.
Laughter is the best medicine. FunPlus

The Joker expands his madness in the State of Survival as a new playable character. To unlock him, players need to complete the story campaign. However, there’s a limited window to do it so don’t take too long.

This iconic villain makes his presence felt in the game as players are faced with laughing zombies. Later on, a stranger wearing a purple suit arrives to help and even claims to have survived a zombie attack.

In a statement, FunPlus Chief Business Officer Chris Petrovic revealed that bringing the Joker to the game was indeed a huge honor. He added that they are happy to offer this new collaboration to players and is excited to see how DC fans would react.

In the State of Survival, players take on the role of an individual who somehow survived a zombie outbreak for six months. While things do get complicated, the good news is players can trust their friends to help. Some of the heroes that players can choose include:

  • Ghost
    • Tim “Ghost” Lee was happy letting his graffiti do all the talking.
    • His abilities allow him to sneak into places and do great on salvage runs.
  • Lucky
    • Not much is known about her even her real name.
    • Her personality can help with morale but her manic laughter could attract unwanted attention.
  • Maddie
    • Maddie Mills spent most of her time with her face stuck to a cellphone screen but this changed after the outbreak.
  • Rusty
    • Rusty Springfield is a former biker gang who honed his survival instincts in some of the toughest prisons.
  • Sarge
    • Sergeant Joe Nolan is a war veteran who was discharged from the military after being accused of running a smuggling racket.

Key features of this shooting survival multiplayer game are:

  • Rebuild
    • With no military around, players need to build a settlement to ensure a safe haven for survivors.
  • Rescue
    • Save survivors to increase in numbers and strength to fight each infected zombie.
  • Research
    • The zombie army disease is mutating rapidly and as a survivor, players need to learn more about it and come up with a strategy before the invasion arrives.
    • There’s a war and it’s all about survival.
  • Socialize
    • Don’t just rely on your settlement.
    • Make allies and forge strategic partnerships.
    • Remember that there is strength in numbers.
  • Rip up the Rulebook
    • Rewrite the rules to defeat any invading army and ensure the survival of humankind.

State of Survival is available on Android and iOS.

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