State of Survival Celebrates Second Birthday by Welcoming Becca

Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday! Twitter/State of Survival Official

The free-to-play strategy game State of Survival is celebrating its second anniversary. Available on Android and iOS, it has breached the 100-million download mark. One big change is that Becca finally joins the game as a playable hero.

In addition, players who log in to the game during the anniversary celebration receive 200 Supply Cases. They can also join an in-game event where they have the chance to unlock Daryl Dixon as a resonating hero.

Becca’s Here

Becca is actually not new to the game since she was first introduced as an NPC. As a background, Becca is the daughter of Sy Hoffman and believes that her father is still alive. Her decision–making skills coupled with her being rational has resulted in Becca being elected as one of Final Hope’s leaders. One thing that nobody really knows is that she is actually naturally immune to the virus.

Her skills are:

  • Active Skill: Raid
    • Becca uses her grappling gun to take a leap.
    • Once she hits the ground, she kicks all nearby enemies and stunning them.
    • While using the grappling gun, Becca is invincible.
  • Passive Skill: Incendiary Bullets
    • These bullets were modified by Jeb.
    • Once they hit an enemy, the bullets explode and deal damage to all nearby enemies.
  • Passive Skill: Killer Instinct
    • Becca deals more damage to Elite enemies.

In a statement, FunPlus Chief Business Officer Chris Petrovic shared that they are happy with the continued success of the game. He added that they are also excited to release the game in Japan. With this, Petrovic went on to say that they hope to create more engaging content and in-game events for everyone to enjoy.

State of Survival follows the three R’s which are Rebuild, Rescue, and Research. With no more military, players need to Rebuild a settlement to keep survivors safe. Players also need to Rescue survivors to increase the population and access those with special abilities. Since the zombie army disease is mutating at a rapid rate, players need to learn more about them to prepare and fight better.

What are you waiting for? Join the celebration.

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