State of Decay 2: Update 29 Gives Three Original Maps a Visual Overhaul

State of Decay 2 Update 29
State of Decay 2 Update 29 Twitter/@StateOfDecay

Survival horror game State of Decay 2 got a new patch recently. Update 29 gives three of the game’s original maps a visual overhaul: Drucker County, Meagher Valley, and Cascade Hills. This update also brings a highly requested feature - the ability to adjust the field of view.

Graphical Overhaul

The developers want Drucker County to look even more unique. In this map, they added red rocks, a clear sky with dust all over, and a dry climate to make the place look like a true arid landscape.

The Meagher Valley now has new vistas, fresh terrain painting, and foliage. You’re likely going to notice some trees shedding their leaves along the river valley.

Cascade Hills now come with better-looking rocks. The terrain has been repainted for a more natural look, and the foliage was improved as well.

In addition, the devs have added new vista elements on each of these maps. The placement of trees and foliage have been tweaked to match the surroundings. Each map also has its own distinct feel, thanks to the adjustments made to the skies and nighttime lighting.


Field of View
  • Field of View can be set to anywhere between 40 and 100 degrees, with 70 as the default value
  • This is found under Settings > Video > Field of View
Heavy Weapons
  • Can now smash fences
  • Any fence that can be broken by a vehicle can now be dismantled by a heavy melee weapon
  • Also impacted in the mayhem: Windows, Sign Posts, and a few more props
  • We fixed a small hole in the ground northwest of Jurassic Junction in Trumbull Valley
  • We fixed an issue where characters can be stuck in a state where they can’t move after briefly sprinting. This should no longer occur
  • Dismissing a follower while crouching no longer causes that AI character to crouch walk everywhere
User Interface
  • Red Talon and Network-specific weapons now have small icons in the corner of their inventory squares to help identify them. Note: This iconography is not associated with a Bounty Pack
  • The Secken’s Work Station site has stopped its lying ways and no longer says it's claimable
Bases and Facilities
  • Instead of constantly enabling and disabling, the “Packing the Bunk” passive now stays enabled in communities with 8 or more survivors
  • Advanced Toolkits can now sometimes be found in Plague Hearts on Lethal difficulty

State of Decay 2 Update 29 is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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