State of Decay 2 Update 15.1 Fixes Stamina Bug, Adds Ultra Wide Support

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State of Decay 2
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State of Decay 2 was released almost two years ago and even now the game is still being supported (or fixed) by several updates and patches. The next massive update is supposed to come in April, however developers did release a small Hotfix Patch to resolve some annoying bugs that have hindered the game’s experience. Most of these bugs were discovered after the launch of Juggernaut Edition.

The bug where characters acted like they have full stamina, even when they didn’t, has now been resolved. Localization for Simplified Chinese is now complete and the stuttering horizontally bug has been fixed. The patch also added Ultra-wide 21:9 resolution support into the game. Multiple bugs regarding Prescott Fire Station have been addressed and minor audio issues were also fixed. All the changes are mentioned on the official website.

State of Decay 2 Update 15.1 Patch Notes


  • Characters whose maximum Stamina has dropped to zero no longer act as if they have full Stamina.
  • Characters no longer stutter when moving left and right when performance dips.


  • We completed the process of localizing all text in the game for players who read Simplified Chinese, including dialogue subtitles.


  • We fixed a problem that caused existing owners of State of Decay to end up with both Flashlight and Crouch accidentally bound to clicking the left stick on a controller.
    • If you have not already edited that control yourself or reset controls to default, then this update should correct the problem.
  • We made it possible to manually rebind Interact and Quick Finisher to the same button, where previously, you could only get them into that configuration by resetting all the controls to default.
  • We added support for ultra-wide 21:9 resolutions to the video settings drop-down.


  • Living at the Prescott Fire Station no longer prevents you from satisfying the Warlord Legacy requirement to build a Fighting Gym.
  • The built-in Workshop at the Prescott Fire Station can now be used to fulfill the crafting requirements of the Builder Legacy.


  • Daybreak no longer inadvertently caps your prestige earnings at 9999.


  • We fixed some excessive, minutes-long load times that sometimes occurred on faster PCs.
  • We fixed a potential crash when viewing the Legacy Pool from the Main Menu.
  • We fixed an error that could occur when exiting the multiplayer menu in the Steam version of the game.

Other Changes

  • We fixed a range of minor audio issues, including music that wasn’t quite long enough for the updated credits.
  • We also made sure our most recent hires actually appeared in the credits for Juggernaut Edition.
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