State of Decay 2: Infestations & Sieges Update Now Live on PTR

PTR Update
PTR Update Undead Labs

The zombie survival game State of Decay 2 has a new update on the PTR that you might want to check out.

The Infestations & Sieges Update has a lot of new things to offer, especially its engaging content. Plague Hearts in State of Decay 2 have been tweaked in that they now have dormant and awakened phases.

Plague Hearts that spawn on the map will start in a dormant state. Killing enemies and doing certain actions will raise the Hearts’ awareness until they become fully awakened. Once the Plague Hearts are awakened, they will start sending new enemies called Infesting Hordes.

These creatures will go to uninfested locations and start spreading new Infestations, which act as forward operating bases for zombies. What’s more, they can “upgrade” the Infestations as more Infesting Hordes arrive, so you must ensure that you eliminate them as quickly as possible.

If the Infesting Hordes come really close to your base, they will start building Siege Sites instead of a regular Infestation. These sites have a chance to trigger sieges based on your current threat level. The higher the threat level, the higher the chance of a siege event occurring.

While all of these new threats seem daunting, the good news is that you are not facing them alone. Use the Radio to call for some much-needed backup. You can utilize some outpost defenses as well, such as landmines, zombie bait, and the disruption signal.

The ultimate goal here is to destroy the Plague Hearts to put an end to the increasingly challenging menace.

Patch Notes

  • When arriving at a currently infested location, Infesting Hordes increase the Severity of that Infestation, bolstering it with even MORE zombies
  • Infestations can also generate Infesting Hordes, though this does lower their Severity as a portion of the zombies pick up and follow a Screamer to a new location
  • Most outpostable sites, including player controlled Outposts, can become Infested by the arrival of an Infesting Horde, nullifying any active benefits until cleared out
  • Higher Severity Infestations have more zombies, eventually attracting dangerous Freaks like Ferals and Juggernauts into the mix
  • The Severity Level of an Infestation is tied to how many Screamers are present, so you always know how many to look for at each Severity
  • Each Infesting Horde that arrives at an Infestation will increase the Severity Level.
  • Each Infesting Horde that leaves from an Infestation will decrease the Severity Level
  • As long as Siege Sites exist, there is a chance for them to trigger a Siege Event, which results in Siege Hordes being launched from every active Siege Site toward your Base
  • This decreases the Severity of a Siege Site, same as Infestations
  • Siege Hordes are released in waves until every Siege Site has reached 0 Severity and despawn (or Siege Sites are manually killed)

You can read the full changelog here.

So, what can you say about State of Decay 2: Infestations & Sieges DLC?

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