State of Decay 2 Update 30: New Forever Communities and Legacy Recruitment

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Developers of State of Decay 2 added Forever Communities and Legacy Recruitment in Update 30. Along with these additions, the developers have also made some quality-of-life improvements, which aim to improve players’ experience.

Forever Communities

From this update onward, players will have the option to remain in the same community after completing Legacy missions. The best part is that players will retain their supply locker content when continuing with the same community.

Legacy Recruitment

Players can now recruit survivors from the Legacy pool to current communities. To pick the survivors, just mark them from the Community screen, then talk to the marked survivors and send them; the survivors take their inventory as well. To access this option head to the radio menu.

State of Decay 2 Update 30

Quality-of-Life Improvements
  • We improved a number of interior lighting issues.
  • You can no longer walk through the shipping container by the Banana Yellow Fuel Tank. Believe it or not, we do respect the laws of physics in this game.
  • We fixed a variety of bugs that involved items floating in the air, when they should be firmly on the ground. Primarily trees and rocks.
  • Items dropped on vehicles no longer float in place when the vehicle drives away.
  • Zombies can now see through chain-link fences. Welp.
  • “Let Someone Take Over” option now appears in all Safehouse Outposts.
  • We removed an exploit that allowed sieges to be avoided via character switching at Outposts.
User Interface
  • We added proper Red Talon badging to all items unlocked by playing Daybreak.
  • The Backyard BBQ Pit in Trumbull Valley’s Farmland Compound no longer has a placeholder icon.
  • We removed some erroneous decimals from the Landmark Outpost strategy selection screen.
Bases and Facilities
  • Survivors are now capable of occupying the Scout Tower in the Prescott Fire Station.
  • During a Mysterious Broadcast mission, if you kill the ex-Red Talon soldier, we no longer hide the location of the hostile enclave that spawns.
  • Trumbull Valley-specific mission arcs should no longer repeat for communities who have already played through them.
  • We added some safeguards to protect missions against the case where you find a mission-critical item, and then lose it before knowing its significance. This issue is most frequently encountered in the Wilkerson missions in Trumbull Valley.
  • We made it harder to accidentally cancel the final Legacy Mission by adding a hold to confirm option.

You can read more about the update here.

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