Starmancer: Patch 0.1.54 Brings Colony Improvements and Bug Fixes

Starmancer Patch 0.1.54
Starmancer Patch 0.1.54 Steam

Starmancer is a game where you play as a powerful AI tasked to create a powerful space station, as well as establish a thriving colony.

A new update is now available. Patch 0.1.54 implements colony improvements and bug fixes. For one, colonists are less likely to get stuck in walls when constructing a building. Furthermore, an issue where doors would remain open if a colonist died while using them is now resolved. Colonists no longer get stuck in AI sleep indefinitely as well.

Additionally, if a particular mission requires your colonists to go to a location that has no available resources, then the mission is automatically canceled.

The developers have applied some technical improvements too. The game now launches with Vsync on if you enable it in the options menu. Loading performance is also improved, especially when you load another save while you’re in-game.


  • Fixed a bug where colonists would sometimes have a weird skin color after loading
  • Fixed a bug where the crafting "bubble" would be blank after loading
  • Fixed a bug where external objects had a bad fallback color
  • Non-loved tasks can no longer be given priority above a loved task
  • Changed the wreck description to be more understandable that the delete tool must be used
  • Perks that cause job task love or hate will now provide the correct memory if that job is assigned
  • Fixed a bug where items weren't picked up from external floors, leading to infinite metal
  • Items in a monster's inventory no longer create "item discovered" pop-up
  • Eating a colonist will now deposit their head into the inventory of the eater
  • Increased sentry gun's default priority to higher than storage bin
  • Removing/placing walls near lights will no longer turn them on before they're built
  • Decreased spawn rate of power leeches
  • Mission failure event is now invoked (so the fail message is now displayed)
  • Increased power requirement of Incinerator, because fire is hot
  • Object repositioning is now more consistently canceled after confirming a new position (so that the object stops following the cursor)
  • Repositioning an object now requires a constructed floor (previously you could reposition it to a floor under construction)
  • Assigned correct reposition blueprint to many objects
  • Colonists will no longer add withdrawal (or addict) perks when their sleeve is removed
  • Temperature changes will now wake up floors for atmosphere flow

You can read the full list of changes on the game’s official Steam page.

Starmancer is available on PC.

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