Starlink: Battle For Atlas Finally Coming To PC

Digital updates still to come despite the cancellation of its toy line.
Starlink's original toy line, which was discontinued this year.
Starlink's original toy line, which was discontinued this year. Ubisoft

When Starlink: Battle for Atlas was announced back in E3 2018 last year, it excited a lot of sci-fi fans. The game looked like a better and more fleshed out No Man’s Sky, and it included the nifty feature of allowing you to customize your ships via toys that you can collect. While the toy part of the game has since been discontinued, most probably due to lack of strong sales, players can still play the digital component and collect ships in-game, as opposed to buying the physical toy components.

The title was originally announced for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles on October 16, 2018, but now it looks like it is set to get some attention again, after Ubisoft announced its decision to release Starlink: Battle of Atlas on PC this coming April 30.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas takes place in the titular star system, where players set off to encounter different alien races, with the ability to form alliances with them and assemble a crew for their ship. Each new member you recruit comes with different skills and abilities. The star system of Atlas has seven planets fully available to explore, each with unique environments, hazards and stories. Players can do both air and land combat, as well as in space, with the use of highly customizable ships.

The PC version, once released, will contain all previously released updates, including the upcoming Crimson Moon, which is somewhat of a soft reboot following the decision to discontinue the toy line. New ships, pilots and weapons will still be added digitally, so don’t expect to run out of content just because one of the launch components no longer exists. Ubisoft has also stated that "there will be a ton of free content to expand your games such as additional missions, challenges and new activities to engage in throughout Atlas, including content that was inspired by community suggestions, such as Outlaw Racing."

In anticipation of its PC launch, Ubisoft has also released the system requirements needed to run Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is set to launch on PC this April 30, and will be available on both Steam and Uplay.

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