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Eric Barone, the developer of Stardew Valley, released its biggest update since its launch. Some of the cool new content includes new game options, split-screen co-op, modding, and more.

New Game Options

If you are going to create a new save file for this update, there are new characters in the store that are free to access. The addition of Beach Farm seems exciting to players who are engrossed in the game. But the new map is a bit harder to play, so we recommend you to learn the basics with older maps. The farm, however, is pretty big with plenty of opportunities.

The tricky part is handling the sand, as using the sprinklers will soil them and make them unusable. You can even change what spawns in the mine rewards in the new advanced game options.

Split-screen Co-op

To access split-screen, head towards Robin’s, and build a cabin for up to four players. Once the cabin is there, open your game menu, scroll down to multiplayer, and select “Start local co-op”. The other players can now join by pressing start on a controller connected to the PC.


The developer has also given access to modders to mess around with the game. You can check the mods for more updated content.

Since most of the patch notes contain potential spoilers, here are the bug fixes.

Stardew Valley Update 1.5

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when resizing game window in some cases.
  • Fixed rare crash on launch due to invalid game window size options.
  • Fixed Iridium Bat kills not counting towards Adventurer’s Guild bat eradication goal.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mermaid Show reward was delayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed some events showing a dark blue screen after fading out when viewed during rainy days.
  • Fixed museum-related rarecrows not sold at the Night Market after being unlocked.
  • Fixed issue where non-wooden gates would revert to wooden gates after saving & loading a game.
  • Fixed being able to add staircases to the Luau.
  • Fixed an item duplication exploit related to chest organization.
  • Fixed a minor desync in character pathfinding that could happen when characters pathed to the JojaMart on modded games.
  • Fixed Penny walking through walls on rainy days if you’ve completed the community upgrade.
  • Fixed Penny’s 4-heart event not accessible once you finish the community upgrade.
  • Fixed fences not collected correctly after a divorce or Penny’s 14-heart event.
  • Fixed characters greeting you when you enter a location when they’re not present.
  • Fixed characters you divorced still greeting you when you enter a location.
  • Fixed issue where an NPC spouse fails to pathfind when a player/NPC is blocking the front door when they check, causing them to stand in place instead.
  • Fixed crops sometimes growing a day slower than they should.
  • Fixed applying flooring for the first time in an upgraded house sometimes causing the flooring in the kitchen to switch to the default wooden flooring.
  • Fixed issue where riding a horse while traveling from one location to another diagonally would repeatedly warp back and forth between the two locations.
  • Fixed watered slime hutch troughs emptied when you load a save. (This mainly affects loading a mid-day save on mobile.)
  • Fixed the community center not properly loading the refurbished map variant on game load. This caused characters like Maru to path incorrectly in them if the player had not visited the Community Center during that playthrough.
  • Fixed the weekly friendship boost for giving an NPC two gifts not applied if you also gave them a third gift for their birthday.
  • Fixed overnight lightning not randomized correctly, so either every overnight lightning would strike or none of them would.
  • Fixed issue where stones, wood, and weeds could spawn on top of terrain features when a new year begins.

You can read more about the patch notes here. (spoilers)

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