Starcraft II: Patch 5.0.11 - Quality of Life Changes and Bug Fixes

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Blizzard deployed Patch 5.0.11 for its popular RTS game Starcraft II recently. This update implemented a ton of bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements to the game.

Zerg players are going to love Patch 5.0.11 because of some pretty good changes. For one, the Hydralisk now has the same attack cooldown and attack speed animation with melee and ranged attacks to make things more consistent. Furthermore, the “Morph to Lurker” random delay has been removed. There’s now a delay to base build time instead.

Speaking of Lurkers, their attacks are no longer blocked by certain low-ground terrain features. This implies that their attacks will push through even if they’re on top of a slope, for example.

In addition, the Terran’s Widow Mine and Cyclone units no longer target Zerg Cocoons without manually being ordered to.

For fixes, the bug that caused Zerglings and Swarm Hosts to not carry out any commands given while unburrowing has been squashed. Also, the Protoss Zealots’ second hit can no longer damage units in stasis or those inside a transport unit.


  • First missile is no longer delayed by 0.11 seconds after the attack completes (Previously the Banshee could even start moving away before the first missile was launched. The second missile will also be 0.11 seconds faster, as there remains a 0.11 second gap between the 2 missiles)
  • Increase maximum spawn radius by 1.
Shield battery
  • Fixed an issue where repeatedly issuing a Stop command could increase Restore's shield regeneration rate.
  • Fixed an issue where animation models created snapshots in fog.
  • Fixed Restore's tooltip not scaling values to the game speed.
  • Fixed an issue where Adepts could not be ordered to cancel the Shade ability when selected with Adepts who are warping in.
  • Can now be ordered to load into a Warp Prism while shading, automatically canceling the Shade.
  • Fixed an issue where initial Creep Tumors could be canceled.
  • No longer unable to receive basic orders for 0.6 seconds after spawning.
Stasis Ward
  • Attack target priority increased from 10 to 20. (Attackers will no longer prioritize other units over a Stasis Ward. Now they are prioritized equally)
  • Stasised Units can now be issued basic orders, executed after the Stasis effect expires.
  • Fixed an issue where units affected by Interference Matrix could not be issued Stop commands.
  • Fixed an issue where units affected by Interference Matrix would walk forward below their Attack range when given Attack Move commands.
  • Interference Matrix now pauses Immortal Barrier cooldown for the correct amount of time (from 5.7 to 7.9 seconds).

The full patch notes can be found on Starcraft II’s official website.

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