Starcraft II: Blizzard Released New Update in a Long Time, and it Brings Commander Improvements

Hotfix 5.0.10
Hotfix 5.0.10 Blizzard

After a few months without a new patch, Blizzard has released a new update for its hit sci-fi, real-time strategy game Starcraft II and it’s a pretty hefty one. Hotfix 5.0.10 mainly focuses on improving most of the commanders available in the game.

Zerg players will love the improvements made to Abathur. First up, Toxic Nests can now be selected properly using mouse drag, ctrl + click, and double-click combinations. Furthermore, Swarm Hosts are now treated as one unit when control-clicked, meaning, all of the ones on the screen are selected, in a burrowed state or not.

Although not a Commander unit, the Raven’s Point Defense Drones (PDDs) have received several nerfs in the latest patch for Starcraft II. For one, it can no longer block Desolate Queen Kerrigan’s Kinetic Blasts. Also, Alarak’s health siphon from killing enemies no longer gets removed by PDDs.

Here are the other noteworthy changes in Hotfix 5.0.10:

  • Fixed an issue where Gateways could automatically transform into Warpgates after Warpgate Research completion, even if a unit was in production.
  • Units with the "Frenzied" passive no longer get stunned with Stank's Headbutt, Hunterling's Leap Attack, and stun abilities from Void Shards and Slivers.
  • Hybrid Plasma Blast no longer can damage Nova through Stance Dance invulnerability.
  • Structures in Stasis by Hybrid Nemesis are no longer damaged and get killed by Hybrid Dominator Plasma Blast.
  • Fixed an issue where Units on the Essence Hoarder (P1) prestige that had collected between 25 and 100 biomass could cap at 105 Biomass if they picked up a Biomass drop that would have maxed their Biomass.
  • Toxic Nests can no longer be placed on top of Swann Flaming Betties.
  • Point Defense Drones can no longer block Impaler attacks.
  • Devouring psionic unit with Devouring One can no longer create multiple explosions.
  • Cloaked Disruptors now properly benefit from Vorazun's Veil Shadows passive.
  • Fixed an issue where Fenix could lose while Purifier Conclave is alive.
Han and Horner
  • Assault Galleons in construction are no longer treated as units.
  • Fixed an issue where Mag Mines could multiply the damage for every unit near the center of its target when hitting clumped-up units.
  • SCV's can now properly stop construction.
  • Immobilization Wave now properly deals expected 200 with 30 points into the Augmented Immobilization Wave Mastery.
  • Aegis Guard at Rank 2 no longer ignores Frenzied for its Slow debuff.
  • Emperor's Shadows now properly auto-casts Labyrinth Cloak when taking damage.
  • Hyperion no longer keeps firing when cocooned by the Slayn Elemental.

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

Starcraft II Hotfix 5.0.10 is available on PC.

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