StarCraft 2 Co-op: Weekly Mutators Include Alien Incubation And Power Overwhelming

It'll combine the Alien Incubation mutator with Power Overwhelming.
It'll combine the Alien Incubation mutator with Power Overwhelming. Blizzard

StarCraft may be one of the most competitive video game titles ever made, having given birth to modern esports as we know it, but StarCraft II is all that and then some. Alongside the tough head-to-head competiton, there's a great cooperative mode to help blow off steam between matches.

Every week, StarCraft II releases new co-op mutators and challenges, so make sure to check back each week to see the new updates.

This week, from March 11 to 17, the mutation to beat is Inner Power. Inner Power features the Temple of the Past map, where players are tasked with defending a Xel’Naga Temple on Shakuras from enemy forces while its own powerful defenses are coming online. The primary objective for this map is to defend the temple for 26 minutes flat, and its bonus objective is to destroy three Zenith Stones, each in their own corner of the map.

This week's mutation is Inner Power.
This week's mutation is Inner Power. Blizzard

The Inner Power mutation only comes with two mutators, but definitely two of the most challenging ones there are. The first mutator, Alien Incubation, causes all enemy units to spawn Broodlings upon death. Especially when facing a Zerg opponent on this map, a handful of Broodlings for every enemy killed can result in a massacre unless players have sufficient area-of-effect damage. The second mutator, Power Overwhelming, is even more fearsome. This gives all enemy units Energy and randomized abilities to spend it on. That means the possibility of enemy Zerglings with Psionic Storm, or Hydralisks with Yamato Cannon.

Completing the weekly mutation nets players bonus experience through once-a-week bounties for each difficulty. For Casual, the mutation bounty is 25,000 XP, 35,000 XP for Normal, 50,000 XP for Hard, and 75,000 XP for the Brutal difficulty. Although each bounty can only be earned once a week, completing the weekly mutation on any difficulty also grants players the bounties for each yet-to-be-completed lower difficulty tier. For example, completing the weekly mutation on Brutal (dubbed Brutation by the StarCraft II community) nets players 185,000 XP, as long as they haven’t completed the bounties on Hard, Normal, or Casual.

Check back with us again on Monday for next week’s mutation, and good luck getting those bounties!

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