Starbase: October 8 Update Adds Blueprint Shopping List to Auction House

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Starbase by Frozenbyte Games is still in early access. However, the developers just dropped a major update that added the Blueprint Shopping list to the Auction House, as well as expandable Station Easy Build Mode areas.

One of the biggest things added in the October 8 Update is the ability to know which parts and materials you still need to complete a blueprint. The needed materials will be placed under the “Materials” tab and the parts that you lack will be shown in the “Parts” tab.

The beauty of this new feature is that you no longer have to scour for individual materials yourself as selecting the things that you lack will automatically conduct a search for them in the auction house.

Some improvements and bug fixes have been implemented to the Easy Build Mode (EBM). Now, you can safely unbolt items and prevent resource consumption when enabling this particular feature.

In addition, new EBM areas have been added after gaining enough voxel mass in the station. You will get a total of 30 new areas per station. Station expansion must be placed inside the safe zone.

Patch Highlights

  • Station Easy Build Mode areas are now expandable
  • Added blueprint shopping list to the Auction House
  • Added sprint animations for 1st person Grenade Launcher
  • Fixed a bug where player could get stuck aiming down sights after starting to hover during reload animation
  • Fixed ore from asteroids not being collected correctly
  • Fixed an issue that caused asteroids to vanish after being released from a Cargo Lock
  • Added blueprint shopping list
  • Clicking on any material or part searches for it in the Auction House
  • Added new Mining Laser sounds
  • Updated Autocannon audio
  • Added new frame modules into "Basic frames" node
    • Frame Column Edge 2x1x1 v1
    • Frame Column 2x1x0.5 v3
    • Frame Column 1x1x0.5 v3
    • Frame Column 2x1x1 v3
    • Frame Column 1x1x1 v3
    • Frame Column 1x1x1 v4
    • Frame Column 1x1x1 v5
  • Changed Easy Build Mode visualization's color to green instead of blue
  • Fixed ghost items appearing during saving and reloading
  • New Easy Build Mode areas unlock after having enough voxel mass in the station
    • Maximum 30 EBM areas per station
    • Station expansion must be fully inside the safe zone
  • Limited maximum objects per station Easy Build area
    • The first area has a limit of 20,000
    • Area expansions have a limit of 15,000 each

The full patch notes can be found on the game’s official Steam page.

Starbase October 8 Update (EA Build 657) is now available on PC.

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