Star Wars: Squadrons Update 2.0 Patch Notes Reveal Major Changes

Star Wars Squadrons
Star Wars Squadrons EA

EA has been handling Star Wars IP with more respect these days, first with Fallen Order and now with Squadrons. It maybe has something to do with the Battlefront 2 fiasco, but at least things are turning out well.

Star Wars Squadrons developer Motive Studios just announced Update 2.0. The upcoming update makes over 270 tweaks, improvements, and bug fixes. The most important part is probably the new forfeit system. The game now rewards and punishes players differently, depending on whether the match was completed, forfeited, or abandoned. You can learn more about it over here.

The 2.0 update also adds some very important features to Star Wars Squadrons. You will be able to completely turn off all Tutorials (feeling pro, huh). TIE Bombers have been rebalanced so they don’t feel as overpowered anymore. You can also reset you Rank completely in Operation One.

The highlights of the patch are mentioned below. The complete patch notes, which are quite massive, can be read on the official site.



  • Ranked Fleet Battle, Dogfight, and Co-op Fleet Battles vs AI now allow backfill while pilots are waiting in the briefing room/hangar
    • A timer prevents the briefing room/hanger from persisting forever. In the case that backfills cannot be found within the time limit, the server will close and players will be returned to the main menu without penalty
    • Players that leave the briefing room/hangar before the timer expires will receive a leaver penalty. Note that the penalty given for abandoning the game after deployment into the map is much more severe than the one given for leaving the briefing room/hangar
      • Reminder: Penalties can be lifted over time by completing matches
    • Players that leave the briefing room in this way will not cause the new forfeit option to be activated
    • Players that leave the briefing room in this way will not suffer a loss
  • Adjusted the brightness of the Star Destroyer's engines when flying too close to them
  • Fixed an issue where PC players who use the minimum requirement GPU couldn't launch the game due to older drivers
  • Many minor fixes and stability improvements across the entire game.
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