Show Those Starfighter Moves As Star Wars: Squadrons Is Finally Here

May the force be with you.
May the force be with you. EA

Ever wonder what it feels to be in a cockpit in the Star Wars universe? Well, now’s your chance to find out with the launch of Star Wars: Squadrons. This first-person dogfighter gives everyone the chance to get that space flying experience. Squadrons has been released for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In addition, it also gives players the option to play in Virtual Reality for both PC and PS4.

For the story itself, Star Wars: Squadron is set just after Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Players have the choice to fight for freedom with the New Republic or ensure the order of the Galactic Empire. The main story is all about Project Starhawk, a starship project that’s important for the New Republic and one that wants to be destroyed by the Galactic Empire. Throughout the campaign, there are going to be multiple missions were players report to Lindon Javes, the commander of the New Republic’s Vanguard Squadron, or Terisa Kerill, commander of the Titan Squadron of the Galactic Empire.

Squadrons also offers 5v5 multiplayer combat in two modes. The first is Dogfight, where players need to work with their squadron to destroy as many opponents as they can. The second is Fleet Battles, and here players join their squadron in a rather large scale battle to demolish the flagships of the other side.

As Squadrons progresses, players get to earn their stripes. They’ll also be able to collect parts which include Primary Weapons, Auxiliaries, Coutermeasures, Hulls, and even Shield and Engines. All of these can be used to fine tune and improve their starfighters. Fans of the Star Wars franchise are sure to love the fact that the game brings with it eight iconic starfighers from both sides coming from four starfighter classes, which are Bombers, Fighters, Interceptors, and Support ships.

Talking about the game, Motive Studios Creative Director Ian Frazier said in a statement that being a lifelong fan of the Star Wars franchise, it was truly an exciting journey to bring the experience of space combat to life in a way that remains true to the legacy of the iconic franchise. He added that they worked “with Lucasfilm to hone in on the pilot’s perspective, and match the aesthetic from the films to create an authentic Star Wars gameplay experience that will transport fans into the pilot’s seat.”

Lucasfilm Games Vice President Douglas Reilly, meanwhile, revealed that they have always been looking for ways to bring the new stories and experiences in Star Wars to the many fans around the world. He said that they are happy “to give players the opportunity to play their Star Wars pilot fantasy and experience this original story.”

Star Wars: Squadrons is available for $39.99.

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