'Star Wars Battlefront' Skirmish Review: Offline Mode Brings More Of The Same... With Bots!

Star Wars Battlefront's Skirmish mode brings offline combat to the battlefield EA

Star Wars Battlefront added Skirmish mode, a new offline way to play the game, for free in an update on Thursday. After trying it out, is this new mode worth diving back into Star Wars Battlefront for? It depends on your situation, really.

The new game mode allows players to play two different game types, Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron, but against teams of bots. Skirmish allows for players to play Walker Assault solo, or co-op with online or local friends, split-screen style. Oddly enough, Fighter Squadron can be played solo, or versus an online or local friend. You can’t play Walker Assault versus a friend or Fighter Squadron cooperatively.

As for the actual gameplay, there’s really not much more to say other than “it’s Star Wars Battlefront.” You pick a level of difficulty, a team to join at the beginning of the round, and you start shooting.

For those unaware, in Walker Assault, the rebels must fight to keep Uplink Stations online. The more the stations are active, the more Y-Wing bombers will come at certain checkpoints to drop the AT-AT shields to make the walkers vulnerable. If the walkers make it to the end of the level, the Empire wins. If the walkers are destroyed, the Rebels win.

Gameplay for Fighter Squadron is more or less a team deathmatch. There’s a score limit, and teams gain points by destroying enemy ships. Occasionally, a shuttle for one team will show up, and if the shuttle makes it through the battlefield intact, that team can score bonus points. If it is destroyed, the opposing team scores the points.

Because it is offline, and there’s virtually no pressure while playing, I did find myself experimenting more with different guns and ships I hadn’t previously used. With no competition for the upgrades, I also had an opportunity to try out each Hero or Villain character and all of their special abilities. This meant I was adopting new play styles as well, which could translate back over to playing online.

Unfortunately, the mode’s biggest problem is you are forced to pick between two Star Card sets. You aren’t allowed to use custom Star Cards, basically negating your ability to really tinker around and practice with new gadgets. For example, when playing on the Twilight On Hoth map, you’re forced to have a Jump Pack regardless of what Star Card option you pick. What if you don’t want the Jump Pack? Too bad.

I can definitely see this mode being fun if you have a friend over, or want a more private online experience. Teaming up with a buddy to tear down some massive AT-ATs, or going head-to-head in a dogfight without the hassle of getting gunned down relentlessly by players better than I am sounds like a good time.

Ultimately, Skirmish mode feels halfway to what fans actually want. Yes, the mode is offline and allows friends to play together without the hassle of playing against people way better than you. Yes, the mode allows players to experiment with new guns and try new strategies. But with no options to customize Star Cards, and limiting co-op to Walker Assault and versus to Fighter Squadron, Skirmish still feels somewhat half-baked. Still, it’s hard to look a gift horse in the mouth, seeing as how this game mode is free for all players.

Skirmish mode for Star Wars Battlefront is now available to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

So what do you think? Are you interested in trying out the new offline mode in Star Wars Battlefront? What modes do you hope get included in Star Wars Battlefront 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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