'Star Wars Battlefront' DLC: Skirmish Mode Coming July 21, Death Star And 'Rogue One' Content Coming Later

Star Wars Battlefront: Death Star will feature Bossk and Chewbacca along with new weapons and Star Cards EA

Star Wars Battlefront has revealed DLC plans for the next few months at this year’s Star Wars Celebration. Among the plans, there will be an offline mode, called Skirmish, coming later this week. There will also be two more expansions, one based on the Death Star and the other based on Rogue One.

The Skirmish mode, which will be an offline game mode version of Walker Assault and Fighter Squadron. Players take on a team of bots, and can even play split-screen with a friend. This game mode will be free to all Star Wars Battlefront players, and comes July 21.

The next major DLC pack, based on the Death Star run in A New Hope, will have two more playable characters, new weapons and more Star Cards. The new characters are Chewbacca (finally!) and Bossk the reptilian bounty hunter. No official release date has been mentioned for the DLC, but we do know it is coming some time this September.

Looking forward even further, DICE revealed the fifth DLC pack for Star Wars Battlefront. To help promote the new movie, the DLC pack will be Rogue One: A Star Wars Story-themed, and is named Rogue One: Scarif. This pack will include the playable main baddie for the film, probably new weapons and Star Cards, and most excitingly, the new planet of Scarif. This planet appears to be tropical, with palm trees and nice beaches getting swarmed by warfare.

As far as release dates go with the Rogue One: Scarif pack, nothing official was given. It has been mentioned the DLC will release around the time of the movie, which will be in theaters Dec. 16. Like all other DLC, this will be available two weeks early to those with the Season Pass.

So what do you think? Are you excited for any of the new Star Wars Battlefront DLC? What do you want to see in Star Wars Battlefront 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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