Star Trek Online Starships Made an Appearance in Star Trek: Picard Show

An exciting milestone.
An exciting milestone. Perfect World

When it comes to video games and TV shows, it’s usually the latter that’s turned into the former. Things are different for Star Trek Online as the game had what can be described as a historic moment. Four of the starships first seen in the game were featured during the Season 2 premiere of Star Trek: Picard.

In the episode titled “The Star Gazer,” the ending revealed a fleet of Starfleet ships that included models introduced in the game. This makes it exciting for two important reasons. For one, it’s the first-time original content from the game was featured in a live TV show. Two, that means these ships are now part of the Star Trek canon.

The ships are:

  • Gagarin Miracle Worker Battlecruiser
    • This powerful Federation Battlecruiser uses the latest innovations and technology to make dream goals of the past reality today.
    • It’s inspired by the many experiments attempted by the Shepard-class Battlecruisers of the 23rd century.
  • Legendary Ross Command Exploration Cruiser
    • This starship was commissioned in the 2380s and is a hybrid of the Galaxy- and Sovereign-class aesthetic.
    • This particular ship pioneered a lot of advanced technologies that have since become the standard on Starfleet ships in the 25th century.
  • Sutherland Advanced Research Vessel
    • This ship was created to support fleet actions and be able to stand tall on its own through the use of tachyon-based tech.
    • It’s equipped with a Tachyon Particle Field Emitter that allows it to drain enemy shields and restore the shields of allies in battle.
  • Reliant-class Advanced Light Cruiser
    • This modern version of the classic Miranda Class starship has been outfitted to allow for high maneuverability but without sacrificing much of its defensive and utility capabilities.

In a statement, Star Trek: Picard Production Designer Dave Blass shared that it was an honor to work with those on Star Trek Online since they are passionate people that know Star Trek design. He added that they made his life much easier and the show managed to use the best possible ships.

Meanwhile, the game’s Associate Art Director Thomas Marrone shared that he has been a long-time fan of Star Trek and its ships. With this collaboration, the ships he and his team created are now part of the Star Trek canon.

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Star Trek Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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