Star Trek Online Released the 12th Anniversary Terran Bundle

Get your hands on some cool starships.
Get your hands on some cool starships. Perfect World

The 12th Anniversary Terran Bundle is now available in Star Trek Online. With this, Captains now have a chance to be in the captain’s chair of some of the Terran Empire’s modern vessels. By the way, Captains can get access regardless of their faction.

This value-packed bundle is limited for now to PC players. It’s priced at 17,500 Zen but is currently being offered at 25% off until March 31. Meanwhile, those playing on PlayStation and Xbox need to wait until March 24 to get their hands on this bundle.

The 12th Anniversary Terran Bundle contains:

  • Four Brand New Starships:
    • Terran Lexington Dreadnought Cruiser
    • Terran Cygnus Battlecruiser
    • Terran Adamant Heavy Raider
    • Terran Trailblazer Science Warship
  • Mirror Strike Wing Escort [T6] (Engle-class)
    • With new Earhart-class Terran variant material, exclusive to this bundle.
    • This ship may only be claimed by Federation Captains or those who have unlocked Cross-Faction Starships.
  • Terran Empire Costume Adornments
    • The Inquisitor’s Uniform – as seen worn by players’ fierce rival in “Red Shift”
    • An additional collection of previously-unreleased Terran Uniform variants.
    • These costumes and costume pieces are exclusive to this bundle.
  • Exclusive Title
    • “Inquisitor”
  • ​Additional Inclusions
    • 1x T6 Ship Coupon (100% Off)
    • 6x Experimental Ship Upgrade Tokens
    • 6x Starship Slots
    • 12x Master Keys
    • 12x Ultimate Tech Upgrades

New Starships

For those interested, here’s a peek at what the new starships have to offer:

  • Terran Lexington Dreadnought Cruiser
    • Not much is really known about the Terran Empire’s modern flagship. What many people do know is that it’s both versatile and unpredictable, more often than not emerging victorious and looking relatively unscathed despite facing odds stacked against it.
  • Terran Cygnus Battlecruiser
    • Once this starship arrives on the battlefield, it becomes clear to everyone just how much of a threat it brings. Not only can it defeat enemies but possibly erase them entirely.
  • ​Terran Adamant Heavy Raider
    • Streamlined and lightweight, it’s the opposite of what one would expect from the Terran Empire. However, it has more than proven itself to be capable in a fight, especially those who underestimate it.
  • Terran Trailblazer Science Warship
    • This vessel combines the need for research and scientific discovery with aggressive armaments and experimental subsystems.

Learn more about the new starships here.

Star Trek Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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