Star Ocean The Divine Force Coming Out October 27

What do you get when you mix sci-fi and fantasy?
What do you get when you mix sci-fi and fantasy? Square Enix

A new title is set to be added to the Star Ocean action RPG franchise. Star Ocean The Divine Force marks the start of a new chapter in galactic history and tells a story that combines elements of fantasy and science fiction. The game is coming on October 27 to PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

The game features dual protagonists, which offer players two main perspectives and gameplay experiences. There’s Raymond, who is the captain of the space trading ship known as Ydas. The second is Laeticia, a princess-knight of a kingdom located on an underdeveloped planet named Aster IV. It is fate that brings Raymond, Laeticia, and other ally characters together.

Different Editions Available

Physical and Digital Standard Editions and a Digital Deluxe Edition of Star Ocean The Divine Force are going to be available on all platforms. In addition to the base game, the Digital Deluxe Edition comes with the official soundtrack and in-game items like:

  • Armour: Radiant Hildegrim
  • Armour: Holy Sigrdrifa
  • Accessory: Bunny the Lagomower Brooch
  • Accessory: tri-Emblum
  • Accessory: Gold Bunny Statue
  • Accessory: Andvaranaut's Ring

Players who go for early purchase of any physical or digital edition can get the mini-game pawn pack. Meanwhile, those who pre-order either the Digital Standard Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition get an in-game item weapon pack for the protagonists, which are:

  • Greatsword for Raymond
  • Lionheart's Blutgang
  • Dual blades for Laeticia
  • Flashing Naglering

Star Ocean The Divine Force is part of the Star Ocean series which had its start in 1996. This long-running action RPG series has spawned multiple titles and celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2021. The franchise is well known for its gameplay, epic storylines, and diverse cast of characters.

In 2019, an HD remaster of the first title in the series, Star Ocean First Departure R, was released on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. This allowed fans to experience the classic title but with updated visuals, audio, and quality-of-life improvements. Star Ocean The Divine Force is the sixth main installment in the franchise.

What do you think? Is this game a good addition to the Star Ocean franchise? Learn more about Star Ocean The Divine Force here.

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