Square Enix Commits To Make Its Extensive Library Available Digitally

Square Enix hopes to bring almost two decades of gaming history to modern platforms.
Square Enix hopes to bring all of its games to modern platforms through digital channels.
Square Enix hopes to bring all of its games to modern platforms through digital channels. Square Enix

Square Enix, the publisher behind some of the most celebrated gaming franchises of all time, has officially declared its commitment and dedication to making its extensive library of games available digitally.

Since it was officially formed out of a corporate merger back in 2003, Square Enix has been one of the most prolific video game publishers in the world. However, even before it was officially Square Enix, the company had rights to dozens of titles either developed by Square or published by Enix. Square Enix, therefore, has a repertoire of games spanning decades, from popular NES classics to modern titles for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Undoubtedly, Square Enix's most popular franchise, and among the most popular and most successful gaming franchises in the world, is Final Fantasy. Square Enix is also behind other award winning titles such as the Kingdom Hearts franchise, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, NieR: Automata, the Just Cause franchise, the Tomb Raider franchise, Dragon Quest, Life Is Strange, and so much more.

If Square Enix does intend to make its huge library of games available as digital downloads, this doesn't only include modern titles like what they're mostly known for today, but the possibility of bringing old-school classics to modern platforms and to modern audiences.

According to Square Enix's President and CEO Yosuke Matsuda:

"We're working on that in a variety of ways. That is a request that we hear often. As far as our major titles go, most of those, we still have variations out that you can play now. The more classic titles that you might have played on NES, we are still working hard to make it so you can play those. We actually have launched a dedicated project internally to port those, so we are working to make them available on a variety of platforms. Certainly down the road, we would like to see that on a subscription or streaming service, so we're exploring the possibility of creating a dedicated channel for ourselves."

Source: Game Informer

Electronic Arts' EA/Origin Access subscription service and the Xbox Game Pass grant players access to dozens, if not hundreds of titles belonging to EA and Microsoft respectively. Similarly, Square Enix is looking at a variety of options, including its own subscription service, on how it will make its games available to its fans and to the gaming community.

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