Squad: The People's Liberation Army Arrives in Red Star Rising Update

Red Star Rising Update
Red Star Rising Update Twitter/@JoinSquad

Squad, the first-person tactical shooter developed by Offworld Industries, received a new patch that brought tons of exciting content. Players can engage with the new People’s Liberation Army (PLA) faction in the Red Star Rising Update.

The PLA faction includes mainland China’s land, sea, and air forces, so things are not going to be easy right from the get-go. However, there are new weapons added in this patch that can aid players in their advance.

For instance, players can pick apart enemies from afar using the new QBU88 Marksman Rifle. For those who want more firepower, the PF-98 Heavy Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher makes quick work of most of the enemy’s ground vehicles.

The Red Star Rising Update implements some gameplay changes as well. Attempting to bandage while sprinting, for example, will now cause the player to stop moving while they mend themselves.


  • QJY88 General Purpose Machine Gun
  • QBZ95-1 Rifles
    • QJB-95-1 Automatic Rifle
    • QLG-10 Underbarrel Grenade Launcher
    • QBZ-95B-1 Carbine
  • QSZ92 Pistol
  • DJZ-08 Light Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher
  • Commander Ability: JH7A Close Air Support Rocket Strike
Utilities, Deployables, and Emplacements
  • PP87 Mortar Emplacement
  • QJZ-89 Heavy Machine Gun Emplacement
  • HJ8 ATGM Emplacement
  • Type86P Hand Frag Grenade
  • Type 72 Anti-Tank Mine
  • DSF161 Smoke Grenade
  • WJQ-308 Entrenching Tool
  • QNL-95 Knife
  • Type95 Binoculars
Kit Roles
  • Rifleman (3 variants)
  • Automatic Rifleman (2 variants)
  • Marksman
  • Light Anti-Tank (2 variants)
  • Heavy Anti-Tank
  • Machine Gunner
  • Grenadier
  • Combat Engineer
  • Medic (2 variants)
  • Crewman
  • Pilot
  • Unarmed
  • CTM131 Logistics Truck
    • Variant: CTM131 Transport Truck (with open-top QJY88 GPMG)
    • Variant: CTM131 Transport Truck (with open-top QJZ89 HMG)
  • CSK131 Mengshi Jeep
    • Variant: CSK131 Mengshi Jeep (with HJ8 ATGM)
    • Variant: CSK131 Mengshi Jeep (with open-top QJY88 GPMG)
  • ZSL-10 Wheeled APC (with open-top QJZ89 HMG turret)
  • ZTZ99A Battle Tank
  • Z8G Transport Helicopter
PLA Map Layers
  • Harju
    • RAAS v6 vs. USA
    • Invasion v5 vs GB
  • Yehorivka
    • RAAS v13 vs. USA
  • Goose Bay
    • RAAS v4 vs. CAF
    • Invasion v5 vs. CAF
  • Fallujah
    • Invasion v6 vs. MEA
    • RAAS v7 vs. USMC
  • Sumari
    • Seed v3 vs. USA
    • Skirmish v1 vs. USA
  • Updated ATGM System. Once a vehicle has launched the maximum allotted number of anti-tank guided missiles, firing another will cause the oldest currently deployed missile to lose guidance and crash
  • Removed several unnecessary hard references that were negatively impacting performance
  • Made improvements to anti-cheat software
  • Improved the appearance of sprinting from a third-person perspective
  • Fixed a client crash related to grenades
  • Fixed an issue where players could shoot through the floor of certain houses
  • Fixed an issue where players would automatically switch to their rifle after planting an anti-tank mine

The full patch notes can be found here.

Squad Red Star Rising Update is available on PC.

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