Sprocket Tank Design Adds Cannon Gearing and More in V0.111 Update

Sprocket Tank Design Hotfix 0.111
Sprocket Tank Design Hotfix 0.111 Steam

Hamish Dunn has released Hotfix 0.111 for Sprocket Tank Design. A new gearing option has been added that allows you to move just about any cannon, similar to turrets. In addition, you can now increase or decrease the current scaling of the game by pressing the -/= keys on the keyboard.

There are specific changes also implemented in this hotfix. First, all starter vehicles have been updated. Next, turret speed has been doubled, so you get the same top speed with double acceleration. And, max torque for cannon traverse motors has been lowered to account for the possible torque increase through gearing.

For fixes, a couple of inaccuracies in the calculation of cannon mass distribution have been corrected. Torque is no longer affected by gunner efficiency when moving the cannon. According to the devs, it just doesn’t make sense why gunner efficiency would affect this.

Furthermore, the issue where opening and closing the graphical user interface (GUI) will result in the GUI getting stuck on the screen has been resolved.

Hotfix 0.111 Changelog

  • Cannons now have gearing, like the turret. This will allow you to move just about any cannon. Lighter cannons will be able to see their old speeds in V0.110
  • You can now scale with the keyboard. Default bindings: -/=. Traditional scaling wasn't working for some, making the new mantlet scaling very limiting
  • Pz38t mantlet armor now uses the correct model
  • Pz38t mantlet can no longer rotate sideways
  • Fixed two inaccuracies in cannon mass distribution calculation
  • Fixed hull strips not being able to move all the way up to the lower hull height
  • AT guns are now aiming and firing correctly again
  • Gunner efficiency no longer affects the torque used to move the cannon as it doesn't make sense
  • Repeatedly rapidly opening and closing various GUI screens should no longer cause the GUI to get stuck on the screen
  • Doubled turret top speeds, allowing you to get the same top speeds with double the acceleration.
  • Halved the mass of all muzzle brakes
  • Hull front and rear strips can now be completely hidden
  • Updated all starter vehicles
  • Lowered the max torque of cannon traverse motors to correct for the increased torque possible through gearing

Sprocket Tank Design Hotfix 0.111 is now available on PC.

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