Split Screen Will Return To Rocket League On Switch

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A week before going free-to-play, Rocket League received a new update on all platforms. It also resulted in some surprising changes for Nintendo Switch players. The update caused the disappearance of split-screen mode, and players have been voicing their complaints regarding the issue online. Fortunately, developer Psyonix Games is working on the issue and promises to bring a fix very soon. Rocket League also went free-to-play earlier this week, which caused a huge spike in players logging into the game. As a result, servers were bogged down and Psyonix had to work on fixing them. The same happened when Grand Theft Auto V went free for a week on the Epic Games Store.

Even though many may think that the time for split-screen gaming is over, the Rocket League player base suggests that it is not. Many friends and family love playing video games together, and split-screen allows them to enjoy playing together on a single TV. Fans are upset about the split-screen mode disappearing from the game, but the same would likely have happened with any other important feature disappearing without any prior announcement. Nevertheless, fans will now feel comforted to know that Psyonix is indeed working on bringing split-screen back to Rocket League on Nintendo Switch.

It is understandable that whenever a game makes a major change like going free-to-play or launching new content, issues like this are common to occur. In the case of Rocket League, however, the game currently has to meet several challenges like improving server stability as well as meeting specific requirements for Switch players.

On a similar note, Rocket League also crossed over with Fortnite. Both these games will have a special Llama-Rama event that starts tomorrow. The event will run until October 12.

Rocket League is free-to-play on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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