Rocket League September Update Patch Notes: Epic Games Account Linking, Cross-Platform Progression, Tournaments Changes, And More

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The massive September update for Rocket League went live yesterday. The update is available for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. It readies up Rocket League for the upcoming free-to-play update. The update makes tons of changes in Rocket League including menu and UI tweaks. Tournaments also have been drastically changed. However, these are not the highlights of the September update.

The most important part is that now you can link your existing account to an Epic Games account. Cross-Platform Progression is also made available. This means you can transfer your progress from other consoles to a single point. Nintendo Switch Online is not necessary anymore to play the online mode of Rocket League.

You will be able to choose a primary platform if you have Rocket League on two different consoles. This will make game progression much simpler. Your RocketID has also been replaced with Epic Friends so that you can easily play with players from different platforms. The change will be automatic.

If you played the game before it was free-to-play, then you will get Legacy status. Legacy status is not just for appearances. It will also give you some cool cosmetics rewards. Check out the highlights of the patch below. The complete patch notes are mentioned on the official site.



  • Epic Games Account Linking and Cross-Platform Progression are now available
  • Nintendo Switch Online is no longer required to play Rocket League online
  • Check out all of the Menu and UI changes!
  • Added a new Vehicle Preset based on the Merc car


Progression and Account Linking

  • You can now link each platform you play Rocket League to a single Epic Games Account to share progression, inventory, Rocket Pass progress, Competitive Rank, and more everywhere you play
  • For progression data, you will select a Primary Platform to progress everywhere. If you’re Level 1000 and Champion II on PC, and Level 500 and Diamond III on your console, you’ll want to pick your PC profile as your Primary
  • We strongly recommend you link every account you play at the same time so you can make an informed choice when selecting your Primary Platform
  • For more information, please read our blog post on Cross-Platform Progression
  • Players who linked their existing Rocket League platforms to an Epic Games Account will also receive the ‘Chopper EG’ Wheels

Epic Friends

  • Epic Friends have replaced RocketID as the solution for cross-platform friends in Rocket League
  • Your RocketID friends will be automatically converted into Epic Friends on your first login.
  • The In-Game Friends List has been updated to display both your platform friends and your Epic Friends in one panel for easier access

Legacy Status

  • If you played Rocket League before the free to play update was released, you have Legacy status
  • Legacy status includes special loyalty reward items, including a Boost, Wheel, Banner, and a special Title that commemorates the year your account was created:
    • ‘Faded Cosmos’ Boost (limited to accounts created prior to July 21)
    • ‘Golden Cosmos’ Boost
    • ‘Dieci-Oro’ Wheel
    • ‘Huntress’ Player Banner
    • ‘Est. 20XX’ Title
  • Legacy status holders also get special “Legacy” quality versions of every Common item available before the free to play changeover, as well as access to all non-licensed DLC items

Player-to-Player Trading

  • Trading with another player now requires a linked Epic Games Account
  • Trading with another player now requires both accounts to have purchased 500 Credits or equivalent (Esports Tokens, Starter Pack, etc.) to deter fraud.
    • Players with Legacy status are exempt from this requirement
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