Splatoon 3: Sizzle Season 2023 Introducing New Weapons Tomorrow

Sizzle Season 2023 Nintendo

Nintendo is set to release a plethora of new content for Splatoon 3 in Sizzle Season 2023, arriving tomorrow, June 1. Two new main weapons will be introduced: the S-BLAST '92 and the Painbrush.

The S-BLAST '92 is a new blaster weapon in Splatoon 3 with two distinct firing modes. The first firing mode allows you to shoot smaller explosions that hit distant targets quickly. The second, on the other hand, can be initiated by jumping in the air and shooting at the target. Attacking enemies this way makes the S-BLAST '92 release bigger shots at the cost of a shorter range.

If you want to bring the pain closer to the enemy, the Painbrush is a good weapon for that. This melee weapon has a slow initial swing but it can fire powerful ink blasts far away to make up for it. Furthermore, the Painbrush will paint the path you're moving toward, which is quite helpful if you're playing a round of Turf War.

Other new weapons will be added are:

  • Annaki Splattershot Nova
    • Sub weapon: Ink Mine
    • Special weapon: Inkjet
  • H-3 Nozzlenose D
    • Sub weapon: Splash Wall
    • Special weapon: Big Bubbler
  • Rapid Blaster Pro Deco
    • Sub weapon: Angle Shooter
    • Special weapon: Killer Wail 5.1
  • Big Swig Roller Express
    • Sub weapon: Angle Shooter
    • Special weapon: Ink Storm
  • Heavy Splatling Deco
    • Sub weapon: Point Sensor
    • Special weapon: Kraken Royale
  • Custom Dualie Squelchers
    • Sub weapon: Squid Beakon
    • Special weapon: Super Chump
  • Light Tetra Dualies
    • Sub weapon: Sprinkler
    • Special weapon: Zipcaster
  • Tenta Sorella Brella
    • Sub weapon: Ink MIne
    • Special weapon: Trizooka
  • Splatana Wiper Deco
    • Sub weapon: Squid Beakon
    • Special weapon: Tenta Missiles

These weapons will be available in the shops at the start of Sizzle Season 2023.

Some balancing adjustments have also been implemented for existing weapons. For instance, the Snipewriter 5H's ink consumption has been reduced by approximately 13%. On top of that, you gain roughly 13% increased movement speed while the weapon is charging, allowing you to run to a favorable position before unloading a powerful shot.

You can find other noteworthy weapon adjustments below:

Main Weapons

  • Octobrush
    • Reduced the amount of ink consumed by swinging the brush by approximately 6%.
    • Reduced the amount of ink consumed when holding the ZR Button to ink while moving forward by approximately 7%.
  • Splatana Stamper
    • Narrowed the width of ink launched by horizontal slashes by approximately 14%.
    • Increased the amount of ink consumed by approximately 30%.

Special Weapons

  • Big Bubbler
    • Increased the barrier's maximum radius.
    • Reduced the damage taken from some special weapons to approximately 50 to 75% of what it was before.
  • Tacticooler
    • Extended the drink's effect duration by approximately 2 seconds when not equipped with the Special Power Up gear ability.
      • The effect duration gained from equipping the maximum number of Special Power Up gear abilities will not change.
    • Made it easier to activate the effect from the Special Power Up gear ability, even when the player only has a few items with that gear ability equipped.

Splatoon 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.

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