‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Cast: Silk, Hobgoblin, Jack O’Lantern Teased During Filming

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As if Flash Thompson and Mary Jane weren’t exciting enough, now there’s a strong chance we’ll see Silk and Hobgoblin in the Spider-Man franchise at some point down the line. Just sophomores in high school in Spider-Man:Homecoming , it could be a while before we see either in tights.

A (now deleted) leaked call sheet lists Ned Leeds and Cindy, both names familiar to comic book fans. Cindy Moon aka Silk (listed as 17-year old Tiffany Espensen) is the most exciting announcement. Bit by the same spider on the same day Peter was, she possesses similar abilities, except she can shoot webs from her fingertips and her spidey-senses are much stronger.

Ned worked with Peter at The Daily Bugle and eventually married Betty Brant (also listed on the call sheet as being played by Angourie Rice). When Spider-Man fought an older incarnation of Hobgoblin, Ned followed the defeated supervillain back to his hideout and discovered his secret identity.  To protect himself, Hobgoblin brainwashed Ned to be his second.

14-year old Michael Barbieri is listed as Jason Macendale, known as the supervillain Jack O’Lantern and later Hobgoblin following Ned Leeds’ run. The call sheet also confirms Bokeem Woodbine, known for his role in Fargo , as the villain Herman Schultz. Also known as Shocker, he uses a pair of “vibro-smashers” that create vibrational punches able to blast through concrete.

Marvel may be teasing an easter egg with the casting of Orange is the New Black’ s Selenis Leyva as Ms. Warren. This could be a nod to Miles Warren. A familiar villain in the Spider-Man comics, he’s an expert in biochemistry and cloning who goes by name Jackal. A set photo suggests Leyva will be playing a teacher at Peter’s high school. In the comics, Miles had a brother named Raymond who was also a science teacher. Martin Starr, cast as Mr. Harrington (later the principal), will also likely be a teacher at Peter’s school.

It was no surprise to see Tony Revolori as Flash Thompson, Laura Harrier as Liz Allen and Zendaya as ‘Michelle’ Rodriguez.  Fans are still hoping ‘Michelle’ is just bait and switch for Mary Jane since Zendaya’s role still hasn’t been confirmed. Michael Keaton is rumored to play the film’s main villain, Vulture. Michael Chernus ( Orange is the New Black ) may be another villain named The Tinkerer. Donald Glover’s role in the film is still tightly under wraps.

Spider-Man: Homecoming arrives in theaters July 7, 2017.

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