Spheriums Update 0.90k: Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Spheriums Update 0.90k
Spheriums Update 0.90k Steam

The developers of Spheriums released a new major update that focuses on several enhancements and bug fixes.

Gameplay, Interface, and Visual Enhancements

Electromagnetic Discharge

This can be equipped by players as a new secondary fire for the magnetism weapon, but be careful because it consumes energy. It can be used to hit enemies to slow them down and make them easier to shoot.

Control Panel

The developers have made a visual enhancement by adding a new visual panel switch, which helps players recognize machines such as dimensional gate, crafting machine, recharging power-pack station. It also shows how to interact with these machines.


The latest update features a neat addition: goals. Several goals are added to assist players in understanding what to do. This is beneficial for newbies who are often lost in the early parts of the game.

Spheriums Update 0.90k

Fixed Bugs
  • Enemies will not randomly disappear after firing on them.
  • Fix Kralian AI bugs that sometimes were stuck.
Known Issues
  • Kralian creatures are not scannable. Fix: Use the Energy blaster to defeat.
  • Drainer commanders will sometime be stuck somewhere. FIX: Save/load to correct the situation.
  • English voice-over plays even if French is selected.
  • The battle sound may keep playing after killing all enemies in a region. FIX: Save/Load to fix the music until we fix the bug.
  • The soundtrack cuts when Kindra is speaking.
  • The game will currently display in full screen only on the native resolution of the screen. Otherwise, it will be displayed in a window.
  • Resolutions with an aspect ratio different from 1.77 will result in a distorted display.
Upcoming Update Features
  • Revamp from the ground up Meolia.
  • Better and funnier AI with more creature animations.
  • Add new drainers.
  • Improve the map by showing all resources.
  • Improved layout and design coherency for the user interface.
  • Animate weapons.
  • Sound effects, sound mixing, and interactive music.
  • Texture painting on enemies.
  • Controller Support (Xbox/Playstation).
  • Full options to adjust graphical settings.
  • Add Steam Achievements (full suite of 25+).
  • Much more.

You can find more about the update here

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